Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday night; hopeful

I was hearing, believe it or not, after I first got in my car at the hospital, Goo Goo Dolls, Better Days. I will likely always love that song.
Just a wuick one, hopefully. Dad is much improved. Oh, still there, still wheezing if you listen, but a turn for the better. Even the nurse there 2 nights ago (I missed last night, though called), smiled as we talked about his improvement, lungs, feet, etc.. He tried to joke with her (she didn't catch that), and he complained mildly about some minor thing or two. (He's even back offthe catheter now.)
Bless the nurse, Ari I think?, who was thee only one of the staff there, and I LIKE this hospital and staff, to try to keep his sheets clean. I usually had to point it out, and then it was "I'll get to that," and an hour would pass. Or, Dad was told they had no more clean sheets, he'dbeen changed threetimes. Um, then something's wrong.
This woman, she didn't put it off (and I couldn't even tell), but he'd recently finished with his portable urinal, and she asked me if I wouldn't mind please stepping outside, that she wishedto change him. She was even respecting his privacy with me, in a way no one else there had. I like that:)
On another note, I have been playing phone tag with the doctor, who I did not see tonight. I did get a message that Dad is doing well enough, that he is likely to be transfered to physical rehab soon. Oh, I may have written that already. lol
but, I called Doug. He's still in pain, and hoped his mail included the MVA forms so hecan send them in andget handicap plates (or go in person, but then park forever away so that's not happening). He said his knee is still looking screwy, leaning IN. That doesn't sound good. But, he's got a second opinion lined up or being worked on. "Notwife" comes by most days on her lunchbreak.
I told Doug I'd likely not hear my cell phone some of this weekend (blocked in the hospital, or appears to be if not in the waiting room, and then the feis!!! on Sunday with M). Doug said he likely wouldn't call, anyway. Whatever. He did talk w/ me about things re: dad and the house work and all, but guess he's expecting me to keep him informed. I'm glad he'll get a second opinion on his leg/etc., however.
Ma called, thrilled at how great of an assistant M was for the beginners camp this week. She didn't play with them, or pick them up, she worked with them and actually had them doing things correctly, yet they had fun with her, etc., etc. "You can't teach that," Ma said, as in, how to work with kids and teach them. "And she seemed to be having fun." I'm so proud of her:) Not at all surprised, but still proud:)
I think M did NOT get to go to the pool party today as the after-camp fun time (at least, the group photos sent don't seem to include her, hard to see them right now), nor did she get to see Grandma (my mom) today as anticipated. C came, alone, to pick up the dance dresses and "stuff" for Sunday'[s feis, yet enroute to getting M, I think, whatever. I know she had fun a lot of this week and being "allowed" to attend is a big deal. I'm happy for that:)
And, then I was thinking later. As nice as all of the staff including the nurses have been at that hospital, that extra touch of dignity and respect the one showed tonight? One can't "teach" that, either, in a way. Show it, model it from parent to child, really, but it is still within a person.
(Ah, and I have a "beauty salon" visit set up for Dad, in his bed. I'm quite happy to pay that money, shampoo/ cut / beard trim, and he askedto have his nails clipped, too, so he'll get a manicure:) )
So, anyone out there prayingfor Doug and/or my father? Bless you, and thank you. Chicklet, I know you're one of them -- I told Doug, and that you had your Bible Camp praying and my church, and that he's in good hands. He thanks you, too:) I do believe in the power of prayer. I've felt it, I know God is there and one way we do have to help someone, is to pray. God is listening. Bless you and thank you:)
okay, way past midnight, even my girlfriend has stopped calling me, first telling me she's outwith all of our Italian friendsfrom that night, including R but not N (I tell her whatstate N's in, and it's not MD), and the one is really funny (I tell her I think that guy isreally sweet, and observant, cuz I believe it). And she can't tell him I said hi, as then he'll know shecalled me, and she' on the metro. She no longer cares that she's got a ticket forthefirst group of Harry Potterbooks.
But, hey, I told her I felt she should go pick it up, still, anyway. She doesn't haveto READ it yet, but, enjoy picking it up now. And now it's Saturday. I have way over booked my plans for today, including cleaning M's room ha, right, hoped to watch MegaMAID dance (but she's dancing way early saturday at this 2-day feis), may catch her in the afternoon and Ma and other adults for some, um, socializing after getting Dad his eyeglasses he's nowready for and money for his beauty salon visit and etc.
Other than the call from the social worker I see a caller id notice on my phone, likely the nurse checking on Dad, which is fine justone more thing, life will be okay. Yawn. :)


  1. glad to hear your dad is better.  take care of you, too.

  2. How wonderful of you to get your Dad and "beauty" treatment - I am sure he will enjoy the pampering.  Isn't great when you have a good nurse and you know when you leave your loved one is in good hands...I always found that comforting when it came to my grandma.  And yes...I am Praying for your Dad everyday!
    Take care,