Friday, June 1, 2007

I was tagged by Amy/ ABCs of ME meme

Amy tagged me with an ABCs of ME meme.  I stole another one!

A:  Available or Single?  I suppose so, technically speaking.  I try to keep my eyes open and all that jazz.  I'm not actively looking.  "She's probably busy with M and with her dad," does rather describe my life (except that didn't include work).

B:  Best Friend:  No one best friend.  I have some really close friends, and my daughter, M (when I don't have to be more of a parent than a friend which seems to be more often).

C:  Cake or pie.  Pie.

D:  Drink of choice.  At the moment, iced green tea.  Arnold Palmer, gin and tonic, Sam Adams, chait tea latte, water (preferably with lime).

E:  Essential Item(s):  Truly essential?  Those that sustain life, air, water, food, and some clothes so people don't look at me oddly, God, my daughter.

F:  Favorite Color(s):  Green. 

G:  Gummy Bears or Worms?  Ah, this is the meme with that question.  I'm feeling more like bears today.

H:  Hometown:  It's in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.

I:  Indulgence:  A daily newspaper (The Washington Post).

J:  January or February:  Both have their charms.

K:  Kids:  M, and my 4-legged crits.

L:  Life is incomplete without:  M.  I thought life would be incomplete without my grandmother, or Dougie, or (someone), but, my life has had them in it, even if "gone" now, it's okay.  Lakes and moutains full of pine trees, oceans.

M:  Marriage date:  Hmmm, I can just randomly pick who my date would be?  This could be interesting.

N:  Number of Siblings:  One brother (whom I talked with last night).  Two stepbrothers and one stepsister (who I just thought of, talking w/ a coworker of The Race for the Cure tomorrow in DC, my stepsister whom I've met only once, but is fighting breast cancer right now, in the chemotherapy stage).

O:  Oranges or Apples.  Oranges when I can take the time and have messy hands:)  Apples when I might want to let M share with her horse friends.

P:  Phobias/Fears:  I'm not so fond of heights unless my feet are on solid something.  (I can rock climb, but hate repelling back down freefall.)

Q:  Favorite Quote:  "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  Psalms

R:  Reasons to smile:  Soft white warm purring cats, sunlight on colored leaves, full moons (two in May!), salt spray from big ocean waves with sand beneath my toes, watching M grow and learn and enjoying life, dancing.

S:  Season:  Autumn.

T:  Tag Three:  Oh, great, I have to choose three people who not only read this, and who have not completed this, and but are also allowed to post / comment?  Okay, duck, duck, goose, you're it!  (Please let me know if you do this!)

U:  Unknown Fact about Me:  Nix the chocolate (unless it's white or really dark truffles), and red roses.  I don't like milk chocolate, and I like my flowers pink, or yellow, or purple (roses should be pink).  Or bring the really pretty leaf or shell you found along the way. 

V:  Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals?  Vegetarian (albeit I do still eat some seafoods which is still flesh food so not technically fully vegetarian).

W:  Worst Habit(s):  Losing things / forgetting things, and when I'm not organized. 

X:  X-rays or Ultrasounds?  Preferably no need for either.

Y:  Your Favorite Foods:  Changes seasonally.  The softshell crab sandwiches with sliced fresh tomatos my college roommates mother made us once upon a bay boat trip, lemon (foods with lemon) from my grandmother, blueberries from Maine, sweet potato pie and cranberries.   Usually foods considered "ethnic" over anything traditionally "U.S."  Eh, belaboring food is not something I care to bother with.  Oh, unless it involves ice cream. :)

Z:  Zodiac:  Chinese which I forget right now, or the one used in the U.S.?  Scorpio.  Theoretically, I fight in the sky with Sagitarrius (sp), which my mother is. 


  1. thegirlnexdoor77June 1, 2007 at 12:41 PM

    Enjoyed the entry...may do this later if my son don't hog the puter..LOL..have a great weekend~Hugs,TerryAnn

  2. Hi I'm lurking over from Amy's journal and wanted to see how you answered these questions. I enjoyed reading them. It's always nice to know who I'm fighting with in the sky and all. ;-)
    Take care, Chrissie

  3. seraphoflove9001June 1, 2007 at 1:30 PM

    I loved your answers! ;o)

  4. I'm scared of heights, too.  ACK!  this was neat, Robin :-)

  5. I've never eaten a soft crab sandwhich.  I always picked an entire crab being thrown between 2 slices of bread.  What is a meme anyway??  I steal these things from other journals but dont' often understand it all.