Friday, June 8, 2007

National Oceans Month

June not only kicks off the hurricane season (as if a hurricane sits there and waits until, on, goodie, it's June 1st I can start swirling now), but is also National Oceans Month.  The state of California is celebrating Thank You Oceans Day today. | Your portal to ocean news, ocean announcements and ocean awareness information  There is a lot of information, including a section for kids.  It's a "living website," i.e., constantly evolving, so visit now, and later, whether or not you're in California. 

I love the ocean, the shore, the living creatures and the elements.  Not a surprise for anyone who has read my rambling blog.  I've lived in Santa Barbara two summers in a row, noticing erosion in my winter absence, enjoying the brown pelicans, the deep waters, and my view of the Channel Islands. 

More than 100 organizations, agnecies, and businesses are involved.  Their poster says, "The ocean takes care of us.  Let's return the favor.  Our most precious resource needs your help now."  No harm in checking it out, right?


  1. Thanx for this imfo,I will gothere when I have some spare time.I live facing the ocean here in England and we have lots of erosion all along our coast.Lots of homes already lost to the ocean.Take care God Bless Kath

  2. I was in Florida during a hurricane, albeit, one termed ~mild~, & everyone went about their business as usual. ~ Mary