Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ADHD Awareness Day!

Didn't really anticipate becoming a conduit for PSA's, but hey -- how can I overlook this one!  Maybe jump around back and forth, but hey.

I did try the chat line -- first time, 8 minutes before I'd be connected.   Um, let me switch SN's.   This time, 6 minutes.  I could wait, keep it on in the background, but, me, have that patience?   I have other things I"m finishing up. :)   Besides, I'd rather hoped for the option of just chatting with others who have this, not nesc. that I have questions. 

I DID recall last night that I was waiting for school schedules to start up, and then get M evaluated for ADHD.   Oops.   (I do have the papers from her pediatrician still, yes!)  Oy vey the homework.......   we're trying out different methods with M, and the one did not work (she says that having the television on helps her, if in the background, but that particular show did NOT -- later she had on Dancing with the Stars, really focusing on her work, then, also a different subject (Spanish), but I still had her turn it off).   I am thinking that different types of shows make the difference, that dancing and music isn't nearly the same as a sitcom for attention grabbing / background.   It's not that this work is too hard for her, she just had a horrible time focusing on it -- even me with patience and understanding about that, I'd keep reminding her, keep asking her, okay, so the 9 becomes what?, this next problem, how do you think you would solve that one?   I gave her a break, too, I know those are needed.   She even started the work Monday night, and wants to do it, worked on it in the car again Tuesday even if it was just a short trip.   The struggle......... just to get through.  Yet, the ideas and concepts, not so stuck with just one or two ways to view things, but can flip around to other ones more readily, at least, it seems.

Notable celebrities with ADHD -- No surprise that Ty Pennington, from Extreme Home Makeovers, who is sponsoring this group and is holding a noon-1pm (Eastern???) live webcast thing today (see the link), has ADHD.   Robin Williams is another famous person with ADHD, whom I find to be a comic genius, and yes, high energy flipping all about.  The founder of Kinko's has this, too, and IIRC, dyslexia.

Seems the key for some successful people with ADD / ADHD is to find a way to put their great, "out of the box" ideas, into something that works, sell them to others, and, ideally, have someone else there to assist with the grunt work / paperwork / boring detail crap, and they come up with the great idea detail stuff:)  Or, at least, I'd like someone to help me and let me simply create and do.

So, for today, enjoy the beauty in the chaos of a mind all over the place, and for some, a body that wishes to stay in movement, too.   It's a struggle, but, there is beauty in it, too.


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