Friday, September 22, 2006

Meds and such

Just a quick note -- someone reminded me, that with medicine, I may be more effective in taking care of myself. Quite true, really.

Ah, yes, quite true indeed. That's really the only reason I'd do it. Otherwise, I'm okay with myself:) Dealing with the rest of the world is the issue, lol.

Well, actually, sometimes this all gets frustrating, and it takes up more of my time, but those are only issues in relation to dealing with "the world," and the side effects are bad enough from all I've read and heard, and self-medicated with caffeine and benadryl, etc., so yeah. I like some interaction with "the world," but if I HAVE to in other ways, and, um, yeah I suppose I do, gosh, to fit in. I don't like that, but yeah, those are the only real reasons why. I'm okay with myself, otherwise, it's fitting into social and cultural expectations, which become self-expectations sometimes.  I sometimes prefer coping mechanisms (over medicines). :)
Ah, heck, there could be a drug out there that helps w/out the harms. There could be. I still need to re-schedule M's orthodontist appointment, though, never mind finding time for an appointment for ME.  I'm great at calendar stuff, believe it or not, for work.

I have pondered just what perception people get of me from this journal, where I vent out, don't edit, and highlight my frustrations and negative things, lol. I'm really not an utter basketcase:)

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  1. What we think? Aw, sweetie, we can't tell you what we think, because then it changes what you write. Just remember, you are under our petri dish and we are studying you. Of course, just knowing that already should have some effect, shouldn't it? Damn, I blew it.


  2. LOL, petri dish, eh, does that mean that I can split into two, or more?   Can we try one type of medicine on one side of the dish, a control segment w/out any meds, and, oh, I don't know, something really wonderful on the third segment? :)