Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Bucky 2 Died

Car-ee 2 appears to still be feeling fine; she sure didn't like being put in a mug for a while, so I could clean out her tank yet again.   Twirling all around.   I just cleaned it on Monday, but with Bucky 2 dead this morning, I felt it needed it again.  Plus, goldfish get dirty.

Oh, they survived our vacation time; I'm rather doubtful they were actually fed, tho, even if the woman promised she would.   The tank was too clean, for one thing.   But, seemingly happy go lucky since I returned visited last Thursday, even yesterday, and, I could have sworn Bucky was not floating yet this a.m. when I got in, I think.


I suppose he'll go home with me tonight, and get buried properly.  Pretty thing.   I knew I didn't feel like having M get fish, especially from a fair.   I may even tell her of this ones death, however.   I don't think she was emotionally stable enough earlier this summer when the two had died (one from the fair, one a friend who caught whatever fair-fish had I guess), and I replaced them with these two.   Last week, M picked out colored marble-like stones, too.   I don't know........   yet, I think M'll come back from that camping trip feeling really confident, and okay.   The timing of this trip in her life, never mind Bucky, is good, following M's summer angst:)

I do have to pick up more petfood and kitty litter again.  How long do these things live, anyway?  

Oh, I've had fish before.  I had a good-sized fish tank for many years, moved it during the winter once, even, I think only "losing" one fish in the move (maybe one of my tigersharks?).   But, goldfish, it's just water and food, really, no filters and fun stuff, which are a pain to deal with, but keep it cleaner.   I think I did have a goldfish once IN my filtered, well-maintained pH and everything tank, but still.   We resurrected the tank from my old bedroom at my fathers, and converted it for a hermit crab one summer.   They are easy, even if I'm not so sure they shouldn't just be left in their own natural environments.

Well, the goldfish one "wins" from the fair apparently are highly stressed, and rarely fed.   Sigh.   At least another pet-store goldfish with black tips, has a chance, eh?   Just whether I have HER pick it out or not.

Car-ee 2 does have some red on her, but seems lively, and upright.

It's almost like just another thing.........   yet, actual little lives I'm responsible for.   I'm glad M cares about living creatures, enjoys them, but Mom is the one ultimately responsible.

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  1. Sad to hear your little guy died.  :(  ~ Mike