Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gorgeous Day:)

It's just beautiful outside.   Even the townhome that used to say "Gorgeous Inside" sports a new sign, "Rent Me," as if recognizing that it's georgeous OUTSIDE on a day like today.   In the 70's? (Fahrenheit), blue skies with some white puffy clouds, all that jazz, some autumnal leaves.   Chilly enough for a sweater in the a.m. and nights, and for putting on enclosed heels for work today.  

I swing by my mailbox after dropping things off at M's school (fundraiser was due, and the socks from her dad's weren't fully dry this a.m., so she asked me to bring them by, dry, instead).   I smile -- a white cat is partially sprawled out on my windowsill in the afternoon sun, and I feel warm and cozy just to see her.   I don't interrupt them, will see Daisy soon enough.   We were coordinated this morning, Daisy even got a second walk in which she so likes to have, and M out of her shower 1/2 hour before we had to leave.   Other than all the laundry not being fully dry and wanting to get a copy of the fundraising order list, hey, we've gotten used to this schedule stuff now:)   It was a good start to the day, allergy pills and all, we're feeling good.   M invited me in to the classroom where she was trying to get a laptop to load a slave trade site for research.   "My shirt's torn."   Hmmmm.   The torn strip is in her hair like a ribbon, and it actually still looks fine just as if trimmed in back now.   I'm still not happy about it, but, I'll wait to hear the story:)   M gives me a hug after a friend types in the forgotten password to the site.   I drive away smiling that she's in this class now, looking so grown up as are her friends, i.e., her classmates.    She told me yesterday she'll need cranberry sauce for Thursday -- lunch in the wigwam!   I thanked her for the advance notice, but didn't find any cranberries in the store last night.   I'll check more.  I wish to make the sauce myself instead of having it canned.   It sounds rather fun.

No child support from C yet.   Ads and catalogues in the mailbox which I scan for pumpkin costume ideas, but no child support this entire month.   I find it all a bit amazing, really, even when he's been upset and sent it late on purpose, to risk it coming THIS late isn't like him -- due the 1st but not counted as late until 30 days past due.   Then again, it's hurt my finances already, and I'm okay for the time being with a payday in there, etc., so it almost may as well be another 5+ days late, if it's going to screw me up anyway, then be late enough I can count it as late.   But, I don't get it.   It hurts the kids -- it's for THEIR support.  

But, today?  I won't let it bother me, nope:)   Too pretty outside.

Dido comes on with that heartaching song, Nothing Compares 2 U.   I think of, no, I won't think of him, either (of the ) him(s).   Ha, sometimes I swear I feel as if I'm Meredith (Grey's Anatomy).   Sunday, M had her old book of Wizard of Oz in the truck with us enroute to and from my mother's, singing "If I Only Had a Brain."  That's more light-hearted.   (Last night, we sang Natasha over and over again.......)

I'd love a nap, but, I also love fall:)

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  1. There are times I'm ashamed of being a man. Listening to single mothers usually takes me there. I know I'm capable of doing a lot of "bad" things, but I don't understand playing with child support. If you're ever ticked and need someone to break a knee as persuasion, I swing a mean bat.