Saturday, September 2, 2006

Rainy Saturday/ Getting Excited/ Billy is found

Stevie Nicks/ Landslide acoustic
MORE e-mails from Brian, he must not have slept a lot last night, lol, then again, I never do before I head out on a trip, either.
"children get older, I'm getting older, too..... so, take this love, take it down. Oh, if you climb a mountain and you turn around, if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills, well maybe the landslide will bring it down..... well well, landslide bring it down."
Gosh I love her stuff.
Anyway, Billy Boy was sitting curled up in that cat huddle by the patio door around 1am. I opened the door and reached for him. He must have had his eyes shut and got startled b/c he ran at first, not realizing it was me.  (He is deaf, so couldn't have heard me.)   So, naturally, in the pouring tropical storm rain, Daisy and I went out to get him. He's fine by a.m.:)

A good, cuddle and hunker inside day today. Hmmm, perhaps no rain now. Lighter rain earlier, just rain rain. I like rain. It chills people out, well, some. I have the bedroom window open a sliver now, instead of the patio door:)
The Annapolis and Eastern Shore trip WAS our last visit together..... "I think about it often," Brian wrote. He says this NOW? After, what, well over 14 years I think. He can't promise he can get a good bottle of California wine, and shrug, I don't really care.
We always knew "disco sucks" so I'll have to tease him more about dancing to it tonight, ha. We'll likely go to the only real "pub" I know of in B'more. Not as if I get there often, other than daytime tourist stuff, that is great and fun, sure, but still. Or, any of the "young crowd" stuff or "pop" stuff isn't him/me, either.
My neighbor hopes for the rain to stop SOON. One of his electric windows in his car is not working, completely shot and needing replacement. Ugh. I suggested a trash bag could help. He and a woman moved in just recently, and I don't really know them yet. Seem friendly enough. I'm sure many have beach or bbq plans that they're worried about. I do wish M has a good day and weekend. I haven't heard from C, so guess no Delaware beach trip this weekend for them, where his mother and sister, et al live.

Nah, I hope M got to sleep in, maybe watch some t.v. as she only get so much of that, at least, here. Something enjoyable and relaxing for her. I'm doing laundry, Daisy is back on M's pillows, lol. BJ says they likely smell like M. True, true, tho they are also the softest spot on her bed. He liked the Mona Lisa postcard I sent him from the Portland Museum of Art, too, where they have another original of the Mona Lisa, amazingly enough. Beautiful.

Got the mail from yesterday; Dad wrote me (wow, he got to the mailbox?). Wonder how long of an effort that was for him. Guess he's having phone trouble again? I had called him last Sunday, tried twice, to remind him that M and I were in Maine w/ my mother, that I wouldn't be stopping by to see him. His note says I haven't been there in 2 weeks and I know he needs groceries. Ahhh, he forgot, sigh, feeling stressed I guess. He needs fresh things, I'm sure, but I made sure to get a LOT of food for our time away.   I got him a lot of extra groceries, frozen dinners, pb and j, cheese, etc., before I left, to be sure he has enough to last him. I know he's okay, albeit I had meant to go by with M earlier this week.

"One" by Mary J and Bono. It's just not the same as the original. Oh, it's good, well done, but NOT the level of angst expressed. M says it almost sounds cheery, this version. LOL. She doesn't know that I used to think of that song as the one for her dad and I...... we need to "carry each other" as coparents, but nah, "you ask me to enter, and then you make me crawl" etc., blaming me for everything, being cruel "all I've got is hurt." Etc., etc. Anyway, this is a great remake, but does NOT carry the angst level, not at all, IMHO,which is part of what made the original so great.

Got mail from my aunt Beth, too:) one of my dad's sisters, the one I'm close with. C is not bothering me today, nah, nope. I'm feeling good today:) He has yet to respond to my RE-asking him if his refusal to return M from his visitation means that he will not longer take her to school on school days or not.  Typically, he has taken her there, but once this summer, he canceled out last minute for taking or, having someone take her, to her camp. I know it was b/c schedules changed there, M told me they had planned to take her, other details such as Sh printing out directions from online, etc., but he claimed I shouldn't have been surprised as HE claims I am to pick her up for my visitation. Not that I get visitation per se, as she lives w/ me (I have sole physical custody). Anyway, I asked him there to clarify the return to "school, camp, or other activity," and he did not. Only spouted a bunch of bs and that it's my visitation sigh, so I re-asked, and I've heard nothing. I told him that if he's not going to take her to school in the mornings that she's with him and scheduled for a school day, that I need to know that. Ahhh, but he's passive/aggressive, heaven forbid he actually respond, and her school starts Tuesday.

"And when she says she wants somebody else, I hope you know, she doesn't mean you..... and when she breaks down and makes a sound, you'll never hear her tho she's beside you...... " Howie Day.  Gosh, I love hearing the radio sometimes:) Haven't gotten a lot of that lately. Even if I think I have those lyrics a touch off. Sorry for the rambling, all. Swirling of ideas, great hanging out at HOME day, still the condo fees worries, but good support from my single mom's e-mail loop, and good friends:)
Life can be good, God has blessed me, I know.

"Catch a ride on the back of a butterfly, no better way to fly, just get to me."  Train

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