Monday, September 18, 2006

Office Fish

I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised, but happily surprised.   Yet again, someone who works on the second floor of our building, came out of the conference room this morning, and asked me what happened to the fish.   (Carree 2 had died within a few days of Bucky 2, both buried under the hedge at home, along with Carree 1 and Bucky 1.)   That having the fish is peaceful.   That she'd pitch in for a new aquarium, and to let her know what type of fish and she'd help with purchasing them.

Last week, employees from the third floor had come out of the conference room, asking for the return of live fish, offering help with setting up the new aquarium that the manager on my floor offered to donate.

My boss okayed and liked the idea from the getgo, and is happy to have it happen.   The other managers seem to either like it, or, one seems neutral but I think would prefer it if it's kept up decently.   It is technically my bosses personal conference room, right across from my desk, with a window to the outside world.

M always thought I should have an aquarium set up here:)   I guess she was right......   I will maintain her right to chose some of the fish, however.   And, yes, I volunteered to clean / maintain the tank.   I have moments of downtime here that I don't find at home, for a tank there, nor the fisherkitties.   It won't be a tropical tank, however.   Those are trickier and it's been a few years for me with a "real" tank.   And, um, I think I'll enjoy it, too:)   Hmmm, maybe I/we can have actual neons, too, and not just as catfood. 

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