Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ah, never mind........

Laughing at myself -- I checked my accounts online, and then my father's account.   Wait, what check is that which cleared, for $411.?   Viewed it, yep, his electric payment.   Not super legible, but that is it, cleared, paid.   Oh, wait, double-checked the folder I have for his stuff.   I DID mail it, didn't I.  

Still not caught up on my sleep, but I'm okay.   Living on sweet tea and iced green tea which I've discovered is GOOD.   I'm happy M is "home." :)   Dropped off the polos yesterday, timing it for around when she'd be getting to the barn.   We were both real happy that her main teacher is back! from having had a baby, looked at the photos, M especially!  

Rather peaceful driving her home from dance class, the 2-lane roads, listening to Howie Day while she decided to rest.   I think of BJ, and Brian, and BJ not really mixing them up in my mind, just, well.  M and I had talked a lot, well, I mostly listened, to Jamestown and her making me guess which horse she rode, and her reading her homework.

Sure hope that child support check is there when I get home tonight.......

My boss just got a call that I'm not sure is a good thing.

But at least I HAD mailed my dad's bills after all! and didn't go mailing it twice.   I imagine it's hard to determine in some cases when it's dementia and when it's ADHD.

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  1. the sweet tea is to sweet for me. but green tea is good and good for ya!