Monday, September 4, 2006

Great day for a parade!

Great day for a parade!

Gosh, it really is, and I bet it's going really well! I hadn't planned to attend, just was not feeling up to it this past week. I think I was still feeling down, emotionally, plus allergies, whatever, then with "to-do" things, and I'd missed the first e-mail on it.....

But, it's sunny outside, bright sun, warm with a cooling breeze, just lovely. I felt inspired, checked the clock, wow, about 10:45, I won't make it..... mixing up the times to arrive by and the time of the parade. I could have made it. Oh, well:) There's still the after-party to make. Enjoying a relaxing social time again might just be in order!

Took Daisy on a long walk, which she enjoyed. Called M again, on her cell (hmm, turned off yet she got called on it quite a few times last week when with ME), and called C's home #. She is likely out, I hope, doing something fun and worthwhile.  But, why no contact yesterday?  Doing things in the home here, too.

I will like talking w/ M before tomorrow, however, her first day of school:) Have I said that often enough yet? lol  
Tomorrow, I'm to meet her and bring her 5, 1" binders, and her homework, and graphing calculator.  I sent her with riding pants (gee, wonder if she'll make her lesson today I doubt but whatever, it's a holiday and the instructor knows that M is with C, and he has every right to have M do other things), and all her other school supplies. Her camping gear we'll organize tomorrow night.

Last year, M was with ME for Labor Day, yeah.  Oh, C had proposed a switch of holidays, but as he has never allowed her to be in the parade previously, for her sake, I had to decline it.  That year, last year, her dance group was also in the parade.  My mother came down, too. I had shoes on hold, that I raced M to check out, yeah, they worked, got her to her spot along w/ my mother, got myself to my spot:)

My group finished much earlier, so I then walked back along and met up with hers, walking w/ the parents while M and the others did a simple forward "parade step" dance step. I'm so glad that worked out for her:) This year, they're not in it, and M is w/ C, anyway. (I wonder if he'll allow M to be in the big St. Pat's parades in 2007, now that his other daughter has joined M's dance studio?)   I'm glad she had that chance, though.

I checked out more thoroughly the website where Brian works. Yep, the woman "who is so like him," and all of that, also works there. She seems kind-of neat, actually. I'd maybe even like her or is that going too far? lol Well, I do truly hope it's happy for him, really.

I'm not sure what all 14,000 thoughts are jumbling through his mind these days and nights, about her, his dad, me, everything in his life, and that's okay, cuz I can understand that it's a lot. I can even understand if I don't hear much from him again for 3 years, his next reunion, cuz it's him, and there are a lot of things for him to process mentally right now (albeit he'd better at least give me an update on his dad, and a response to my e-mail would be nice).

I know he needs family time today. I told Brian that if he felt a need for a break, or wanted to, I could alter any of my plans today, and I did set it up so I could take off tomorrow, too, after dropping things to M. He'll fly out at noon tomorrow, back to California.
May everyone be enjoying their day today:) Not sure how much Brian can "enjoy" per se, but I hope it's good for him, in its own way. My sugarfree chai tea mixed with my milkshake soy milk, yummy! That helps me. Liberty cuddled right into my lap while I read the paper earlier. Hmmm, a nap could be in order, too, lol. I'm still very tired! I'll skip the nap, and go to the party, maybe change the fish water (exciting, eh?), but it's a sun, sun, sunshiney day!

pffftttbbbbbbbbbbbbb wonder if it's too hot for marching trying to end this now

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