Thursday, September 21, 2006

This isn't funny anymore.

Thoughts from yesterday.  
I'd left work early, heading to the bank to deposit what I could, hopeful child support would be waiting in the mail at home IT WAS NOT!!!! ugh, my father calling to confirm me taking him to the bank on Friday, and what he owes for property taxes, etc.   I told him I'd be turning the phone off, that M and I were attending a funeral and I was on my way there.
I had saved Aunt Beth's $100. check for when I picked up M's eyeglasses.   I had paid all but $100. for them, but couldn't locate Beth's check then so paid it with other funds.   But, by now, I really need that money, and I've spent almost 2 weeks searching for it.   I try one last time, going through my current bag, Dad's folder of things, my paperwork things, it's NOT there.  But, guess what is -- two stamped envelopes from my father paying two of his bills.   Oy.   Now I remember more clearly -- the electric bill had one of those pre-addressed envelopes, so that was mailed, but these two were somewhat illegible.   I mailed the one, concerned there was enough money in there for the other along w/ his property taxes.
I had my black snood (snode?) (hairpiece) just that morning, dropping it twice while getting into the truck, having kept it carefully since my performance on Sunday.   Naturally, going back home to no child support but an eager dog and happy cats, I couldn't find the snood.   I couldn't find the black sweater top that goes with the black skirt that fits I bought this Spring for performances as my others don't fit any more.   I had that sweater top last weekend, and saw it Sunday.  I found both black sweater-sweaters I wanted, one for M, black hose for M (that ended up being navy, so glad I chose natural hose and not the navy to wear!).   I couldn't find Megan's black dress from her performance dance group, that she wore to the other funeral service recently.   (Hmmm, two funerals this fall -- this isn't funny ever.)   I checked her dance bags to no avail.  
She told me later that it was in her closet.   Duh.  I'd gotten a dress bag for her costumes last Spring, so it's hanging in her closet now, not in her dance bags where we'd kept them for years, which I'd have known/ remembered if we'd have put back her school dress into her closet, but I knew she'd need that school dress for the viewing as all the girls were to wear theirs, so not to forget M's, which I almost did even with a reminder note, I kept that dress out near the front door.
The cats had knocked/pulled down three curtains, when the condo people are looking at those sorts of things for everyone right now, so I rehung two of them, and then actually nailed two (including one that hadn't fallen but is the one that usually will).    The blow dryer decides to not work, after wetting and gelling my bangs, so I do these other things will walking around with a brush stuck in my bangs,
Okay, that is a bit funny.  But the rest isn't.  I want my mind to work well at least some of the time!
My dad calls me 3 more times yesterday, not understanding why he can't get through, thinking it's his phone.   I tried him today, but no answer.   I know he just didn't remember, and he'd left himself a note to call me, so he did, but still had that note to call me so he will again and again until he marks it off his list and remembers that he called me, not remembering I'd told him I wouldn't not be reachable the rest of the day.
I need help.

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