Sunday, September 17, 2006

Questioning God

Saturday morning quiet time reflections, my mind wandered from the printed questions. This made sense. We had an hour. I had other things to talk with God about. I'd had time to think, driving to the retreat and other downtime. Now, it was to be prayer time, not talking w/ myself now, but in theory, with God.
Lord, is this why you say not to do this, because of the pain? Or, is it because of the economies in place at the time the Bible was being written?
I dismantle it, examining each component. Which specific piece is thee piece that matters? Which ones are the loopholes, the "rationalizations?"

I could see the stars pretty clearly last night, through the clearing in the trees, us down below around the campfire.   "Just keep my feet warm and I'll be happy."  LOL
This morning at quiet time, I didn't wish to re-look at the questions handed out last night during "topic" time. I was past them now. I had "happy happy fun bag" notes to write, affirmations to the others there (primarily, the youth). I was feeling inspired for them, this morning:) I'm glad. I was up until 5 a.m. with the graduating seniors yawn, napping yesterday afternoon. It was good, very good. They're all really cool and good kids, too, and I don't even limit that comment to the seniors.  (They're SUCH good kids -- this was their "big bad night" out by hanging at the campfire until then, thinking they were being derelicts by putting microwave popcorn on the campfire, and passing around a bottle of rootbeer.  LOL, albeit, after discussing many things, including high school senior pranks, they end up taking the left shoes from most of the boys and hanging them in a close-by pit.   I'd have nixed anything harmful or out of line, but, hey, let them have their moments.)
But, we did question our speakers quite a bit last night, too, lol.  They are also trying to reach out for their dreams and futures, while still aiming to please their parents, mostly their moms.  They all plan to go to college, different paths.   I ask, "Do any of you pray about these choices, your questions, your path?"   The one intending to be a military officer, freaking out his mother whom I grew up with, tells me that he has felt his path very clearly, God's will for him, and explains why.

Different from my questioning God about my sin, however. I do know that.

one two three four Abbey road sgt. pepper longely hearts club band....
penny lane...... we're all living in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, come together right now, over me. Imagine all the people living life in peace, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Someday you may join us, and the world will live as one.....

Peace, all. Question, sure, heck, in some of those notes I wrote to some of the youth TO question (respectfully), that it is how we all grow. I meant it, too:) It helps their faith become their own as well. At least two were appreciative that I'd been patient and just listened to them vent. I don't even know if they knew I agreed with them, at least not at the time. I'd have listened, respectfully, anyway.

zzzzzzzzz bedtime now, oh, softener first. I am out of it.

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