Monday, September 25, 2006

Pets of the Month!

Alright -- got a call on Friday, yikes, caller id had it look as if the local police had called me.  That's never been good -- means my father wandered about albeit he hasn't moved out of the house solo in a long time, and I even spent my lunchtime with him on Friday, mere hours before this call.

Nah, photos we had done late summer were winners -- we won pets of the month for a 2007 calendar!   :)   I'm so proud:)  I don't even think it's thee best of shots.   (And they were never even mailed to us, ugh, I need to find time to get to that studio again and pick them up, during the week, as if I don't have enough to do at lunchtimes as it is, and it'd likely take most of the hour.) 

Hey, you perverts -- I mean two of our 4-legged pets, sheesz.   Even if we thought Daisy was a shoe-in, having been adopted from that particular Humane Society.

I looked at Billy this a.m. as he came to cuddle in the morning -- hey, pet of the month:)   He and our very own Tink are the winners.

As this link may not continue to show the 12 winning photos for the months in 2006, I include a photo fo Daisy (beagle) and Tinkerbell (white cat) above.   I don't have one of Billy handy. 

Montgomery County Humane Society - Calendar of Events



  1. Woohoo!  Congrats.  ~ Mike

  2. Those are great pictures. I'm a sucker for animals from the pound. Just feel like they got a raw deal and they deserve a nice home.


    p.s. As to your other entry, are you going to share the poem with us at some point?