Thursday, September 7, 2006

Thursday Morning; am I awake yet?

Thursday morning, wrrrrrrrr wrrrrrrrrrrrr
It's always so loud. The groundskeepers rev up their motorized equipment at 8am Thursdays, having Daisy barking and my head hurting. They used to start much earlier. I suppose I'm not the only one who didn't like that. Noise pollution laws here say 8 a.m., I think, for weekdays. I didn't bother with Indie this a.m. I let him try daily again, see if he'd be up for a walk that he used to love and "demand," just for him to run back in. Maybe today he'd have liked it for longer; he is mostly deaf so perhaps the loud low noises wouldn't have effected him.

I saw little green life sprouting up in many spots in the "park" near me. I'm glad. The recent rains must have helped. For some reason, the groundskeepers are told to use loud blowers and pack up all the leaves, leaving bare soil, yet almost a year later, they put down wood chips. Even I know that's not thee best of plans.
I'm so not a morning person. The women in their uniform aprons who pick up the trash and dust for cobwebs, must have come and gone by the time we ventured outside.   My newspaper was propped at my door.  I know it came around 3am, Daisy made sure I knew.

I wonder if any of these men have children in school, that they greet at the bus in the afternoons. That'd make an early-starting job worthwhile. None of them seem to wear earguards very often, either.
I think of M, and I miss her. It just feels so weird to have her home, and then, she's gone again. I am excited for her to be on this trip, but I still miss her:)
I think of Brian. He gets up very early in the morning out in California, so he can be on his worksite and set up BEFORE dawn.  He's not a morning person, either, but this job would be worth getting up that early for.   Today, by the time I woke up, it was actually about an hour after he'd gotten up, even 3 hours away. He hasn't written me. I suppose I just would like him to say something, anything. I suppose we said most of "that" stuff the last night he called me.
I AM content in my life here, so I tried to write him last night just to say that. Talk of career paths, how at this point, I'd like most to work with youth, perhaps teaching science, etc. It got too long, and too much as if I was telling my resume, and rationalizing why I wasn't doing hands-on science like he was. Maybe I am still rationalizing sometimes, even to myself.  I didn't have the courage to really try hard when I first graduated, doing volunteer work, sure (at a regional park here, mostly interpretative work, I loved that.) And I DO help support the environment in little ways, and via my office's overall mission.  Still.
I do think I should still give Brian something non-emotional to comment on, though:) We had talked of politics and various projects, and M, and etc., too. Plus Picasso:)

I wonder how BJ is, and figure maybe he'll let me know if he can get that extra night in town next week. If so, in theory, we could meet up. He is a gentleman, nothing negative, so I hope I didn't imply that he was, well, whatever, less than good. I just think my comfort level with Brian made me wonder about BJ. I feel comfortable with BJ, but not to the same full fully complete extent that I have with Brian.  BJ and I have been real close emotionally, too, but sometimes it seems to die off.  And, we did not spend years together, almost daily, for large portions of the day, together. And, BJ (which feels weird to call him, as that's not his name nor what I call him), and Brian, well, they did take different paths. Brian's might be a path more close to my own heart, and who he is inside, IS more like who I am. But, it doesn't mean that BJ and I don't match, just with different sides of me. And, our differences are certainly fine ones, it still works. Hanging around Brian again simply reminded me of that whole other side of me, that is a very important part of me.  

Damn, I didn't want to be late to work.

I am not a morning person. I put todays paper near yesterdays, unread. Tonight, perhaps I'll read them both while watching Grey's Anatomy.
I smile, thinking of needing no additional light in the morning ;)
Okay, on with the day. I have to...... long list, including see my father. Enjoy, all. Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's are mostly gone now. Come and gone, dag, back with hedge trimmers right outside my place.   Daisy is trying to send them away.
1 2 3 4 out the door soon, where ARE my glasses?  Finally grabbed the ugly pair from 11? years ago.  I canNOT drive w/out eye correction lenses.   I'm too blind.  

Okay, the cats loved this new flavor (Pacific Salmon, senior cuz it should be best on tummies), "wild child" Captain boy got his drink from the bathtub faucet, Tinker(bell) got her morning treats:)   But one of them threw it all up.   Hadn't had cat throw up in a while, but, can't just leave it.  

These pants are getting tight in the waist (story of my last couple years); the shirt covers it, it'll do.   Where's the lavendar undershirt to match, well, here's the grey somehow right here, that'll work.   I told Brian, I'm still a lingerie snob; things have to at least match:) AND be comfortable.  LOL.   He remembers visiting me at my former part-time job, working in the lingerie department at Woodies, a good 2 hour drive for him.   These purple socks are too pink but'll do.  

Oh, on top of the pants I had thought of wearing, there are my glasses.  Hand-me downs that nicely WORK for me, with the tips and pads chewed off by then puppy-Daisy.  

I really need a better morning plan:)   I had one, then another one for summer.   I need to work on this fall/school year morning stuff.   Normally, I'll be sending M with lunch, too.


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  1. Construction people and landscapers start WAAAAY to early.  ~ Mike