Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Summer is Over

I hardly slept last night.   Good Billy, he didn't bolt but hung in there, sleeping on my belly or side, sometimes under the covers, while I tossed about, Daisy served as my foot warmer.

It's pouring rain today.   Pasmack's human mom said, "Tsk, tsk, summer is over."   I don't know how to spell her dog's name, but it translates to "cottoncandy" and I believe is Iranian.   He had on his yellow raincoat.   Daisy doesn't have one, which is fine by me and not fine by M, lol.   Daisy cut her walk short, shaking all over outside my door, under cover.   Good; I don't want her rolling around in the clean laundry to dry herself off (nope, on the blanket instead).

Never did hear from C, never got a call from M.   I did wait until after her school started to drop by, avoid the carpool lines, avoid anything with C, or did he send Sh to drop off M.   She could need those items in the a.m., anyway, and may get anxious about them even if she doesn't need them until late.   I included an afternoon snack just in case.   I don't know how many will feel like picnicing there today, as the rest of the school has their Open House / picnic / zap line / pool time scheduled for today.   Seems it's rained this day other years, too, as if saying, nope, summer is OVER, see, it's AFTER Labor Day, get it straight! :)

M's combined 7th/8th grade class was split into two groups (still mixed-grade).   They appeared to be team-building exercises / games, just inside.   A good teacher knows how to adapt activities to various weather, and they'll spend time outside in rain, just not this morning was it needed.   A boy smiled and waved to me from one group; he's been a good friend of M's for, gosh, since 1st grade.   M was in the other group, closest to the door.  I didn't see her at first, but she came right up to me, obviously looking out for me.   She seemed happy to be there and happy to see me.   Smiled, took the bag, "Thanks.   Bye," and turned back around to rejoin her group.  

I'm happy she's there, and happy, and, really growing up.   We shouldn't have to go hugging and oh, I haven't seen you stuff, not now when she's 12, and she is busy with class.   I'm proud of her:)   She is growing her wings.  I think of this, how she's learning to soar with her own colours, of her chosing.   I do believe I've done well by her and for her.

I think of Brian, likely at the airport dropping off the rental van now, not as if he needed a van but smaller wasn't available.   Not the type of rain that stops jets from flying, I wouldn't think.   No hurricane winds, no lightning, just rain.

I ponder words and meandering thoughts, formulating a sort of poem in my head, Blue and Red, and Picasso, and birds, various birds including me/Robin, and memories and dreams.  

I think of BJ, and how I really do like him, a lot, I'm just a bit confused right now.   And, that is okay.

Summer vacation is over and done.   Back to schedules, work and school, and activities.   Methinks, yes, this is a good thing.


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