Friday, September 8, 2006

Smoke Detector, part 3

I guess it was a big beautiful full moon out.   I thought of it a few times, how this past visit with Brian was just before the full moon, when I used to always see a moon just like this one, and remember our January camping trip on Assateague......

The t.v. was acting screwy, so I'll wait for M to come home and fix that, lol, she cares more than I do about it, so what the heck.   Didn't read much, Libby joined me happily getting her belly rubbed.   I got to bed at a reasonable hour, yeah! :)   I'd gone by my dads for a bit, and had worked late, so I hadn't been home a lot yesterday.   The night before, I had a great time driving around four of my favorite high school girls, for a youth group scavenger hunt.   Daisy did come to sleep when I did, but was so fully rested, she was up part of the night, too.   Seemingly hungry at one point, Daisy actually got on top of her wire cage, basically her big pet toy container, knocked off all of the recycling I keep on top of it, and got onto the counter where I keep her treats.   Lovely at 12:30 a.m.   She rarely does this.   She'd been eating all of her meals competely lately, so I went ahead and fed her some dry food, cleaned up, got some water to help my headache, and back to sleep, hearing her munching away.

Daisy must have brought her "baby" stuffed mini Easter rabbit to bed with us, and it got stuck within the blankets.   Pawing for her "baby," MAN, is that alarm LOUD!    She must have pressed the test button on that daggone smoke alarm.  Naturally I hadn't remembered to unsmother it and find a way to reach the ceiling and put it back up there.   Okay, I'm awake.   I tried to kill it via smothering again.   Hmmm, not happening.   Was it waking the neighbors?   Why won't this turn off?  Maybe it's an on-off toggle and if I press the button again, it turns off.  Nope.   UGH.   All the blankets I had didn't work enough.   Daisy was getting agitated, not barking thankfully, but agitated.   Lovely.   I've slept through smoke alarms before, could I this one?    I couldn't get to the battery.   I pressed and prodded, nothing.   Two cats came over, purring away, thinking it was time for loving, not hearing the alarm.   I twisted the daggone thing, and, wow, it stopped.   Peace.   Daisy jumped up, and started pawing the blankets a touch frantically.  Oh, she wants her baby, she's afraid and wants to protect it.   Back to sleep.   Nope, Daisy was hesitant, but investigating the smoke detector.   She finally took it gently in her mouth, and carried it away.   Ah, no.   I got it from her, put it on a shelf.   Maybe now, sleep?

Morning came too early.

Daisy raring to go, Indie gave it a short try.   Load myself with the last of the chai tea.   The "park" had a newly-formed pile of leaves.   These were last year's leaves, already nicely decomposing.   I had us play in them, scattering them back over the barren soil.    It'll be a hot day; I'm glad it's sunny.   M could be getting ripe about now, then again, so will all the rest of them:)   Good for them.   Laughed with friends yesterday and I wondered if she was using an outhouse there, too.  "Don't you mean porta-potty?"   Yeah, whichever, they really are the same thing.   I know it'll be hotter for Brian today than here, dry, but hotter.   I notice the box of remaining chocolate kisses tied with the red ribbon.   It's on my bathroom sink by one of the postcards BJ has sent me.   My heart cringes for a second.   I, um, I really don't want to think about all of that today.  

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