Friday, September 8, 2006

Bucky's on the 10 Most Wanted List

Did you see this on the aol "welcome page?"   I didn't know I was harboring a murderer.   A policeofficer murderer at that, yikes.   Car-ree does look a little sad without her friend, Bucky, even if I did add those blue and clear stones to help cheer her up.   Hmmm, is she an accomplice?   Wonder if they'd like to know that good ol Bucky 2 has died.   At least the original Bucky has an alibi, being he was dead before the unfortunate police officer was murdered.  

Alright, that does really suck.   Perhaps I shouldn't joke.  Just, not even sure how M came up with the name Bucky for our beautiful orange with black fish, and here, seeing it for the first time in eons, it's the same name as this killer.  

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