Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Autumn:)

I love fall, I love autumn, the smells, the crisp air, the colors, the "new" clothes for change of season, the harvested foods............

The day WAS going well.   Indie gave a good try this a.m., longer than he's gone in a while before heading in.   Chilly day, but that's okay, it's fall now:)   M looks at me, "You're wearing that?"  "Um, yeah, it's also a skirt."  She's used to seeing me wear my kilt only if it's a Celtic or Scottish festival, lol.   I did wear it to my goddaughters baptism, also, but M wasn't even around then.   Hey, it was there in the clean clothing, with a matching shirt and sweater nearby, and of course I knew where my navy hose was now, so what the heck.   Besides, it's warmer and will pass as respectable office attire, and I like it.   (Gosh, do I look like a frump today?  I hope not, sort of.  lol)
I found the check from Beth:)  YEAH!  I'm REALLY really happy.   It was still in the envelope, and with other mail I had at home, the "current" stack.   What a relief -- and here I am wanting to buy, well, some groceries and other things, without putting it on a credit card, and my paycheck doesn't come until Monday-ish.  I've spent a good 2 weeks looking for this, afraid I'd have to tell her it really is lost.
We got out the door okay, even if not all of M's homework was done.   Hate having her use an excuse, but it IS legitimate that the entire viewing, long mass, and reception took several hours longer than anticipated, all an hour away.   (Admittedly, we also stopped enroute home.)   M tried real hard, and we worked on it together.   Tuesday evenings homework time for Wednesday was partially not needed -- 4 hours that night and yet a large chunk she found out Wednesday isn't due now until Monday.  Ugh.   But, she arrived when her best friend did this a.m., the teachers know she had this funeral, it's her first time not having 100% complete.   She wants to do this work, she did work on it last night, too, but just didn't have time.   Which is something neither of us are happy about; we both prefer she just have it done, she even likes the topics I think, Jamestown has been easy and interesting for her, and she did do more this a.m., too.  Sigh!
Found out that something bounced yesterday.  I'm ticked now.   I'm still waiting on the child support check, due the 1st but not counted as late until 30 days and he apparently has some grudge he's holding or something cuz he has the money, and I didn't have enough of my own to cover her tuition fee, which was paid (automatically yesterday), but that bounced something else I'll have to track down now.   I hadn't had the bank mail out checks since I think previous to last week, so I think it's her dance tuition, that I sure wish had been cashed previously.   UGH.   Two charges now, too, one for paying an overdraft (the tuition), and another for returning something unidentified.  I worried briefly again while walking Daisy this morning about C ending up having a heart attack sometime, is he really that full of negative thoughts about me?  Maybe not, but it does seem often enough, and for small or non-existent reasons, that it'd be healthier to just let it go already.  
And, someone at work was seemingly upset with me because I hadn't tracked her down for a meeting she had with my boss -- but -- we worked it out:)  
We're waiting for Flat Stanley to arrive!   Real excited -- I've heard he's traveling this week to see M and I!   We talked about it last night -- okay, so we stopped enroute home after getting a bit turned around on very windy small "mountain" roads trying to find the cemetery -- looked at some costumes and ornaments and jewelry, and got pumpkin chai tea and an italian soda at a great "coffee" shop in historic Ellicott City.   (I did remind M later that we wouldn't have spent time if I'd realized the amount of homework she had, so this is a work in progress for both of us -- we are NOT used to her having any homework except an occasional project!)   But, we did have fun:)   Would Flat Stanley have liked one of the pirate costumes?   M thinks she wants herself to be a pumpkin, trying on an acorn-looking hat and an orange skirt ($42!! so nope even if I had money), and I put a quarter into the player piano which played us a ragtime tune, M dancing a bit.  My father's piano, to be mine some year, is a converted player piano.  He used to play Scott Joplin on it occasionally.  
We think Flat Stanley would like to sit on one of the horses that M works with.  If he'd arrived last night, he could go with the kiddie pony rides this afternoon, I think they're today.   Maybe we'll have to host him for a full week, so he can go next Thursday, or maybe he'll feel more comfortable and ride an actual horse.   M thinks that Flat Stanley can help feed an apple or treat to a horse, too.   He probably wouldn't be as happy mucking out the stalls, and being our guest, we won't make him.   I'm thinking he'll need a place to sleep.   He's likely comfortable in his envelope, which will make him easy for traveling around with M.   I still think maybe the American Girl Bitty Baby basket would make for a cozy bed, along with one of the cats to keep him warm.  
Bright, sunny, beautiful day.   Enjoy, all!   Grabbing a bit to eat in the remainder of my lunchtime!

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