Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Busy Morning/Back to Schedules Again!

I'm sure it's just the first busy morning of many:)   The bus didn't come, which is good because I had canceled it (just that sometimes lately my notes to the school don't get to the right people).   I've heard a tip for those with ADD / ADHD about getting to places on time.   One shouldn't focus on when to be AT the place, but is to focus on what time to LEAVE FOR the place.   Okay, M was finally somewhat sufficiently awake at a.m., and I told her we'd leave in 1 hour, or, well, a.m. to be there by  a.m. for the start of school.  (updated to delete times)
Yep, today is the depart for camping day.   I'm glad it's not raining:)   It may later, so I thought M should take the large plastic bag that came surrounding her new sleeping bag.   She slept in the sleeping bag last night, "so she'd know how to roll it" in the morning, oy, let's add something else requiring time.   She knows how to roll a basic bag, and this is an L.L.Bean one my dad paid for; it's not going to be difficult.  
M was excited in her call to me yesterday, relaying how she was going to ride two horses, (Nut)meg and Fancie, but really more like walking the one, yadda yadda, "don't call me back because I'll be riding but I wanted you to know."  Yes, I needed to know she remembered to go up to the barn, and needed to have some clue when to pick her up.   I guesstimated, and she was working with another girl there to fill the water buckets and other chores.   Really nice girl, same age, and also helping out after which also helps her get an extra lesson occasionally.   We hung for a while, then after we got home, M collapsed.   She nixed junior high's youth group kickoff, which I was happy with, actually, because she needed to just be homefor a bit, and to pack.   And, sigh, shower.  Not sure if she came dirty from her dad's, along w/ the worn knees in her corduroys she wore (for the first day of school!?), or more likely, she was fine but sweated from her riding.  She'd need a shower before going away through Friday.  
I forgot, yikes, my dance group started last night, it was Tuesday already!, well, maybe I'd still make rehearsal for an upcoming festival.......   M was maybe interested in rejoining that dance group herself.   I made dinner and such, but had a grumpy, tired child.   I was frustrated, trying to understand and get her past that hump.   Sometimes she really needs to transition to being home, plus she was SO tired.  She had to leave "7something" in the rain for a long drive to school yesterday morning.   I did NOT comment on her open-mouth gum chewing.   I was having gum myself, and the orthodontist has told me a few times over the years that it is impossible, physically speaking, because of M's jaw placement, etc., for her to close her mouth completely without straining.   She was just at HOME, I'd given her the gum.   Oh, but it so annoyed me.   She wanted the t.v. on, which I know helps her unwind, and her leg hurt as if a growing pain yet her "longer" leg.    Bleah.  We disagreed on how long to watch t.v.   Finally, though, focusing on camping trip, fun washing her new mess kit and new neoprene great water bottle, okay getting things together:)   I just wanted her to start it sooner.   I wanted us both to get some sleep.  Oh, well:)  She thought after ice cream was better, lol.   Things were set.
I slept a little better last night, had two cats and a dog notice I was waking up.   They like an early breakfast, but it'll become their normal time, oy I don't like mornings.   "Wake up, smell the catfood."  I wish I could remember who does that line in a song.
I had a schedule in mind, that was mostly followed.   Indie had gotten comfortable with being outside again after the patio-door was open for 2 days, lol, so he joined us again when I walked Daisy.   Except he freaked when I tried to move him PAST the grass outside the patio.  He bolted back for our front door.   I called out to M when I let Indie back in, "How ya doing, honey???"   Grumpy child fussed back, "I don't know!"   Oh, good, she's still up:)   I had moved her juice to the bathroom and got her towel ready.   When we came back in, M was in the shower.  Good:)   I took her clothes in there that she'd picked out, reminded her I'd like to take a quick shower myself, we're doing well.  I'll start the cornbread twisties in the oven....
I'd brought in M's inhaler from her dance bag outside, found a working flashlight as she wanted an extra one.   M is excited to perhaps have the role of historian for her class, and wrote a brief paragraph as to why she should get that.   "I'd like to bring a disposable camera, Mom."  It was after 10 p.m., and I'd used up mine while in Maine.   I reminded her that I needed to know these things much earlier, because we could have gone by the store and gotten her one.   By morning, I'd found her disposable, digital, and M had rolled up her sleeping bag, to add with everything already packed and double or triple-checked.   I saw the water bottle in the refrigerator, but hesitated.   She'd want it thee coldest.  I wrote on her list that it's in the frig, and that the sleeping bag pad is in the truck.
Daggone smoke detector............   mine are somehow SO sensitive.   If it's a change in season, if someone's taking a shower, or if I'm using the oven, any of those can set it off.   Triple-whammy mornig, ugh.   It was still pulled from the other day, being the ceiling's a mite high for me to reconnect it easily, but boy it's still safe and loud with the battery.   Indie and Captain loved that I opened the patio door again, lol, nope, boys, INSIDE!   Front door propped some, all fans running, ugh.   Decided we'd live with noise for 7 more minutes while the cornbread twisties finished baking (yummy!).   It finally occurred to me to smother the daggone thing under several blankets, a slow death but it worked.
Yeah, I had time to shower, too!   Barely.   At least none of the cats threw up this morning.   M asked me to PLEASE not wear something like sweat pants.  lol  I didn't:) and wouldn't have.   She calls out to me, "Mom, whatever happened to (times)!"   Daisy was all excited for her second morning walk, "Um, sorry, girl, here's a nice treat."   M was ready, I grabbed a banana and my bag, out the door!  Yeah!  
M posed for her "first" day of school photo.  Just one this year, she had to "approve" but was fine with.   Old but decent t-shirt, her not exactly white sneakers from LAST year that still fit, but with new white laces with red and orange polka dots we laced last night.   She also wanted this shot, though, it's our tradition!, first day of school photo just pretending being it's the second day, but it IS her first day of school this year with me.  It's just amusing because M had to wear things that could get dirty, not a typical "yes, I spent days picking out this out" look.
We arrived about when two of M's best friends arrived, (4 minutes early) a.m.   For us, with all this going on, I'm happy with that.   The one friend laughed, "Hey, I IM'd with M's mom this summer!"   It is so fun to see them all again, happy, together.   I really do enjoy working with youth, and that these kids have caring, involved parents, is great!, that they know they also have a community of supportive adults, is really great.   Meg tore off the plastic bag from her sleeping bag, no one else had one it seems, deciding she wouldn't need it, not remembering she'd put the permission slip in that bag, too, not seeing it flutter onto the backseat.   M asked me to please go back for her water bottle.........   "I'll have to walk Daisy again."  "PLEASE???"   I won't see her for 3 days.   I'd still be on time to work.
Back through the speed trap a 2nd time; it's hard to drive 23 mph after driving, um, we'll say 34 mph during the summer non-school hours.    But, hey, I don't really have time to go to jail today, thanks, anyway:)   Don't think my church youth coordinator would be happy if I don't make it there tonight, as promised, for the high school groups fall kickoff:)
Daisy peed on command, yes, good girl, I knew training her that way would pay off.   I got the bag of paperwork I  actually intended to grab for myself, not the makeup bag I had grabbed as who cares for work, and the water bottle.   Not that I've done a thing w/ the "paperwork" bag yet, but, the thought is there.   Creeped along at 22-24 mph while others flew past me.    I figured the bus would have left by (time) a.m. when I pulled back in.   Nope, it was there, the one teacher standing outside, um, he's waiting for ME.   For a water bottle?   How embarrassing.  M raced over, and into the backseat to find the permission slip.   Oy.   The teacher is always so very optimistic, so excited, and is supportive of the students.  He seemed no less so right then.   I wished them a fun time, and off they drove.  
Still, um, gee, great way to start the school year, not!

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