Friday, September 1, 2006

IM'g / He Does Know Now, so Good

journal update to previous entry
Having a nice uplifting fun IM with BJ when he got back online:) LOL, laughing with him. Women at his office want to set him up on blind dates, etc.
I'm also glad b/c he knows that my friend will be in town, and that I'm meeting up with him likely tomorrow even, or later in the weekend.

Not that I'm not free to do whatever I please with Brian, but, I also don't wish to not mention; I won't hide, have no need to "hide." I think, anyway. So, this is better:)
And, BJ will be in town within 2 weeks himself, again. Yeah, that'd be good, too. :) There are benefits to a long-distance relationship, but it can suck not having more constant face to face interaction, too. I miss him not being closer sometimes.
Even if I do plan to take off the Claddaugh earrings for this weekend. Just cuz. :)
okay, that's all for now:)

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