Monday, July 24, 2006

thinking back.........

I was thinking back this morning, 12 years ago this month, I took a morning shower with labor pains, somehow!   Now that bathtub is leaking into the ceiling above the refrigerator.   (This is at my dad's -- he lives close to the hospital I was using so I moved there for a bit while our condo was being built, then when M and I left the hospital, C drove us to my mothers/Bob's to live for 4 months until yeah, our condo was finished and ready for moving into).

My "baby" has grown so much:)   Remember her pressing on my sciatic nerve, moving about after lunch during staff meetings, lol.   Pregnancy didn't do so well for me, oh sometimes it was neat to feel her growing inside of me, but physically it was uncomfortable and sometimes painful.   And so worth it.   So little, bathing her in the tub.   Her first hair a light red in the sun.:)  

Now she's excited for the new stepdance routines to learn, with her own drumsticks!, and tackling ideas and concepts........   She's done well:)

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