Thursday, July 13, 2006

and the good side of family:)

Well, this was draining and isn't done, but resolution has been determined.

My brother, Doug was not mean to my dad.   I don't know if he ever is mean, but he was upset when he first heard, heck, so was I.   He also got to see our dad, and his place, and realize just how truly downhill our father has come.   Well, actually, it's been worse the past month or two than before.   I guess b/c of lessened activity?  I don't know.

I wrote my mother an e-mail just so I could vent it, even wrote that I am NOT asking for her to help, I just need to vent and wanted her to know what we're going through.   She tried my brother's cell a few times but had the # wrong (didn't know at first b/c Doug and I would be talking w/ each other originally), and then she got me, and whatever we all talked.   Get this -- she is lending the extra money needed.   I don't need the advance on my (expensive) credit card.   Doug got a travel reimbursement check in so he cashed that to help.  

Mom said on the condition that we get that house sold, but I asked Doug if that was okay with him, and it is, and I guess I'm okay with that, too.   I'd kind-of like it myself someday, but.    I want it fixed up, but he cannot care for it, and he needs to be someplace different, so this really would be the best choice.   This might be the unfortunate catalyst that allows Doug to work with me, in helping our father.   I will be sure Dad knows that Mom lent the money, too.  

Doug stopped by, Daisy was leary, but not too bad cuz she could tell WE were okay with him being there.   Gosh, wonder if M will end up being Doug's height?   Nice they could chat some.  

Talking with Doug a lot myself, too, which is good.  

The mortgage company woman was actually really helpful, their lawyer was NOT.   She even talked w/ her supervisor about something.  

Thank you for your prayers:)  I do believe they've helped.   Very stressful.   If I hadn't gotten notice by today, he really could have lost the home he's lived in for 40 years.


  1. onecrabn3lilfishJuly 13, 2006 at 5:50 PM

    I wonder if you should become your dad's Power of Attorney in case he goes downhill fast (god forbid but just in case).  That way those important stuff will go to you and you will have the legal rights to handle it all.  


  2. Glad things are coming together for you.  It's very hard to go through so just keep on sharing it.  ~ Mike