Thursday, July 13, 2006

don't ya just love family sometimes; prayers please

I got a call a bit ago.   A man was walking around my dad's home, and my father asked what the man was doing.  A little creepy / stalker like in my opinion, he wants to buy the place, called me again already even, likely for little money, says we'd make arrangements so my dad could stay living there for a little bit yeah right scammer.   Sigh.   I almost didn't answer my cell as I didn't recognize the #.  (I have my dad's cell as it stopped working and I need to take it into the store and get it replaced, and that's his only phone.   My dad was asleep when we stopped by on Sunday so it didn't happen then.   Apparently Dad was going to use the neighbors phone to call me.)
Anyway, this man says he read in the paper yesterday that my dad's home would be foreclosed upon in court tomorrow.   I'm in shock.  My dad said he picked up some papers yesterday he had hoped I'd come by today to see.   Oy.  
I think it's the court case tomorrow.   I would think there'd be more official notice, but maybe there was, I don't know.   My dad did say that one payment was credited improperly to someone else and not him, and that his mortgage company told him it'd be corrected.   I hope it's only one payment off or something, but I don't get paid until next week, so I cannot cover my dad TOMORROW.   (Even if I did get child support and other checks this week, yeah, that I was waiting on, but I already told M's school to charge the rest of her camp fees towards that so I have to assume it's spent.  Hopefully they'll actually mail her report card now.)   I did call my brother but he hasn't responded yet.
ACK, so, prayers, please.  This has to get worked out......  I'm feeling sick.
I know he has dementia, I know he needs help, and as M goes w/ C for 3 weeks starting Sunday, I had planned to focus more on him THEN.
I also tried a contact I have to maybe obtain a lawyer, and some better financial advice:)   I'm checking into getting involved with a financial company as a part-time job..... 
Sigh.  Going to visit my dad now.   Thanks, all:)
Okay, talked with just about everyone, visited my dad and Ihave the papers now.   Gee, my brother, D, hasn't visited in eons, likely over a year and probably over a year previously, too, I go there weekly, and on emergency calls, and my brother is NOW interested -- with his (hateful) wife's $15,000 that she'll give on the condition that she and my brother get my dad's house when my dad dies.   No f'g way.   She's not buying into my portion of dad's home with a measly $15K.   Oh, I think they'd take over the payments or something, too, but still, that's, well, (borrowed a calculator that works), approximately 1/7th of the total worth of that house right now, even taking a lot into consideration of the poor condition of it.   And, frankly, she's not nice and I don't trust that she wouldn't aim to take it from my brother, also.   Anyway.   I didn't even really respond to that so much, but to explain what the amount really IS likely to be.
Thankfully, I think my brother had misheard me.   It's probably about $1,500. that my dad is short, not $15,000 (he has the rest, he'd thought it'd been paid up other than June's payment which was returned to him as being a partial payment, and he hadn't paid July's yet b/c he was going to pay it with his next Social Security Check).   Sigh.   I was able to verify his currently available funds with his bank (with his permission and stuff, I didn't even keep the password stuff, it's HIS bank, but right then, he wanted me to call for the balance, after I replaced the lightbulbs we'd bought a while back so we could even SEE the paperwork).
I almost wish now that I hadn't called D.   He might lay into my father, or who knows (no, not physically harm him he would NOT do that), my father whom I am upset with, also, but, we deal with what the reality is at this point, and then get him more help.   I had told my father that his job right now is to take a shower and get clean clothes on.   I told him he may have us visiting today, and he may have to go to court tomorrow (doubtful that he will), and WILL have to go to his bank in the morning......
Anyway, talked w/ my "mentor" in my new part-time "team" (I kept feeling tentative about it, oh, I am been hired officially a bit ago but I hadn't come to terms with that fully yet, cuz I don't want it to be sales, just the financial coaching part.....), and he referred me to his girlfriend who is more of an real estate than he is.  They're both realtors? I think? anyway, she definitely is, and she gave me a lot of information which is useful.   She's also verifying something with a real estate attorney whom she knows, that'll give us some extra days.   That'd be great:) but I don't wish to use that, only if the sale is postponed.
I talked w/ the mortgage company and of course my father gave permission for me to do that.   They won't talk w/ my brother, tho, as Dad hasn't yet given permission for my brother.   Dad would, but D wasn't there at the time.   They were actually pretty nice, so I"m glad about that, not as if they'd bend over backwards, but still.   It suits them to keep a customer, and she has no reason not to be nice.    For some reason, she didn't have the final figures.  That's weird to me, but oh well.   She told me a lot of other information, though, so I have an idea.   I called the lawyer, too, whom she also suggested plus she said she was sending an e-mail right then to them.   The lawyer hadn't called me back, so D called them, and was told that the mortgage company would get the information and contact me within 1/2 hour.  So, good.
The creepy guy has called me TWICE since then.  Once was to give me the name of the lawyer handling this, okay, thanks, sure, I told him I'd call him back.   He just called me now.   I reminded him that I told him that I would call him.   He's likely trying to not seem pushy, while thinking he could get a good deal here.   I'm so glad I had someone I feel I can trust and is on our side to talk with  -- that is so helpful! :)  (and not feel obligated to talk with potential scam artists like that guy, who DID let Dad call me, thankfully, tho it got him my # didn't it hmm, okay, he did also suggest I contact a lawyer on behalf of my father, too, he's not saying he's the only choice or even first choice.   Still.  Hard to know how to differentiate someone and in a last minute situation.)
Anyway.   BIG SIGH.   I'm hopeful that the amount actually due IS within the monies my father has, or that we can swing this for Monday or something instead.   
Just got a call -- the woman on "my team" found out that only for tax purposes is there a time after a sale for "rights of redemption," NOT for mortgages.  And other information, too.  So, just waiting on the mortgage company/bank right now, and then scrounge the remaining dollars...... HAS to be paid no later than tomorrow.   She's checking other stuff, though.  

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