Friday, July 28, 2006

I miss her!!!!

Yes, I've missed M all along, but gosh it's hitting me more this week :(   Tuesday was 3 days after the last telephone contact, and it's court ordered a minimum of every 3 days for telephone contact, but no, nothing.   Of course I called her, even left a polite reminder in my message, but no.   She wasn't even out.  Well, only some but probably back by 6:30/7 latest, I have to check the time for those classes.   Tuesday was my roughest day physically and emotionally with my medical stuff, too, and knowing I'd be talking w/ M was something I really looked forward to.   Yes, we did talk Wednesday, which is good:) but still.  (She hadn't gotten my messages, either, nor had she gotten the one that my mother left for her, and it took a day for M to call her back, too, but 1 day is reasonable, typically, tho not like she was busy with anything else, as Si's gymnastics class is earlier in the day, yes, that girl has gymnastics twice/week, plus camp every week, different ones, and occasional drop-in dance classes, tho that meant that M could take one, also.   That they keep the phone turned off is weird, though, I think.)

Right now, I know she's leaving tennis, just finishing up her 2 weeks of 1 hour/day "camp" following Si's 45 minutes/day tennis "camp."   I'm HOPING she can make it to Md's end of drama camp production early this afternoon, as M really wanted to, plus for them to see each other again will be fun:)   Md had e-mailed M with the more detailed info, and I sent that on to C, but I also called Md yesterday to give her C's #.   Md was glad for that, so that's good even if the girls can just chat some.  

I FINALLY got the package sent to M, lol, for me to prepare and mail a package is a huge deal.   But, away 3 weeks, yes, she's getting mail from me.   She asked for the book, so it's a "package" and not just a card.   I have to be so generic, loving, but not go saying all sorts of mushy or things she'd miss stuff, personal sure, supportive, sure.  I included two sets of stickers, some lead pencils (she loves that style), a summer clearance catalog of horse stuff, lol, that she has a gift certificate for since Christmas (her big gift from me).   Oh, and a card:)   It's so hard sometimes to go this long, I'd like to send more:).  

And then have him want to keep all communication cut off, he truly believes it's inappropriate when it's on "his" time.   Huh?   He's learning that's not what the courts think, so he sometimes talks a good talk, but he's said that quite a few times, yelled it even.  

Daisy went searching for M this a.m., trying a game we used to play with Daisy, "Go find M" and then she'd sniff and search, oftentimes M would be at the neighbors upstairs, and that's where Daisy tried to go.   I do wish M was coming home this weekend instead of next.   It was intended to be 2 weeks, truly it was, just got worded wrong.   I try not to think about it.   Try to keep busy -- and yesterday at work was wonderfully very busy and productive again! :)   I like my boss being back, and all of that.   I try not to feel stymied as if I'm holding my breathe until she returns, try to do things.   And, work takes time, and I'm spending extra time at work, to take extra time off when she's home:) and my father time, and etc.  Heck, I'd love to visit with BJ next week for his bday, that'd be great, but maybe next year for that.   He'll be home w/ his kids and then on travel.

But, I still really miss her.   :(


  1. Sad for you that you miss her.  ~ Mike

  2. that is a weird order, my kids are allowedd to call anytime as much as they want, but also with in reason, their father is not allowedto deny them phone access to me!