Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Question Time!

This is borrowed from Dan / DP (The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind ) who borrowed this from Paul? who got it from.........  anyway.   Great idea, even if he is a prolific and good writer with many readers, I'm sure I'll get a few questions, right?!  lol  (If this link here doesn't work, go to the blogs/journals I have listed on the side.   He's worth checking out.)

So, ask me a question, or two.   Then after, I'll answer them (unless too personal to be answered publically, but hey).  :)

Have a great day, all!  -- Robin

p.s. -- would anyone ever write that their mood is flirtatious?  I thought of that, for I've been feeling a bit like that today, but huh, I'm writing on a COMPUTER in MY journal.  I'm not flirting with the computer OR with myself.   They really need to have the "mood" drop-down menu include a blank space people can fill in with their own actual mood!


  1. Oh... I have questions...

    Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?

    Also, what are your feelings on Easy Cheese (aerosol cheese)?

    Thanks for the kind comments.


  2. I would like to know your answer to Dan's easy cheese question.  LOL.  But here's my 2...........

    1) Did you ever shop lift?  :-D
    2) Where did you see yourself going in life 15 years ago?


  3. YES I have wrote a few times that my mood was flirtatious, why not tell it like it is! I feel what I feel!  


  4. Ah, Sharon, I do agree!  Feel what you feel!   Write what is HONEST, or why write it at all?   (Some things I don't write b/c this is public and being honest about my thoughts and feelings would be too personal, or expose someone else to public scrutiny, etc.)    Anyway, I suppose I was feeling a bit flirtatious that day, UNTIL I started the interaction with the computer.   Thanks for your perspective!  -- Robin