Monday, July 10, 2006

he's flying in

Well, I'm starting to feel a bit frustrated here, cuz both of my potential sitters for M, are willing and able to watch her tonight, likely even this afternoon, but neither can drive her, legally, yet.   Maryland has this new law that a teen can't have another minor in the car with him/her until the driver's had the license x amount of months long, and I think that's the "real" license, too, not provisional but I could be wrong, AND be something like 17 years 1 month old, also.   This SUCKS.  

I also lost the envelope I had with $150 cash in it ACK, I'm so NOT happy.   It's from dogsitting a couple weekends ago, for two dogs, medicines, washing their pads, etc., and I was glad when it was done, and it was fine enough.  I'd not dogsat before.   But, I was counting on that money, saving it, almost deposited some into my bank yesterday but left it in my car hmmmm, maybe recheck my seats.   Anyway, DAMN.   BJ was real sweet, and said he'd pay for the sitter, then, and hopes I still find it for the rest of the week:)  Yeah, me, too.   I am anticipating 3 checks -- one a reimbursement check, and one, child support that's naturally not here YET, but otherwise, I'm down to $63. until they come in   Unless there's something else pending.  I thought it was less.  

BJ's been really sweet lately, too, talked with him a few times the past several days:)   I am so looking forward to seeing him tonight, I was afraid to get excited for it and have it canceled again (his trip for work), but it's confirmed and gosh!

M has one of her four figures classes tonight -- she can't miss it, or she'll be out of the running for representing her dance school at Regionals.   Well, she may not be out, but, I'd think the liklihood of that would be strong.   Some missed the first class, but this one is the third class, and she'll miss the practice nights for those chosen, b/c of being with C.   It's an hour+ away, each way, so I'd have paid for gas and dinner for M and the girl.  UGH.   BJ gave me an idea of what a sitter usually gets these days, at least for his town.  Wow, I've only had one for her once before, other than regular daycare and/or camps, so I'm surprised to be honest, but hey.   It is what it is.  

Oh, he and M like each other, we'd still meet up.  But, gosh, I could SO use some "alone" time with him:)   I'm sure he could, too, ha, with me, but still.   It's been too long.

Yesterday I was also singing, Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow, it's only a day away.........    :)   Then again, I DID take M to see the show, Annie, the previous Sunday!   (It's been a full birthday week, too.)

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