Friday, July 21, 2006

sweats of summer (dancing)

Trying out different colors:)   Thought it'd do a different font, too, oh well.   I don't recall the names of the other musicians who played last night at a mini-ceili, only Tina's.   One guy is new to me, also.   Hot, sweaty in my "strawberry" shirt, drank a lot of water and a full bottle of orange Gatorade I think all got drenched out through my pores........ but, that's okay:)

Busy doing some things, including giving Daisy and the cats plenty of attention, even fed myself something quick, then drove right by the place last night.   I get there strictly from visual memory; I can't even tell you what main road it's on by name.   I turned around in a church parking lot, heading out all clear both directions, glanced at a sign as I passed it "this is not an exit stop" and I was thinking, what's an "exit stop?" realizing too late that without the punctuation, it meant "This is not an exit!!  STOP!"   Oh, well:)   Maybe they should have written, "STOP this is not an exit" if going w/out punctuation.   I may have caught on then.

Okay, only just over 1/2 hour late with the turning around.   They appeared to be part-way through Lancer's or a similar set dance, three full sets worth that at one moment in time, all three were doing something different from each other, lol.   I talked some niceties with P's wife who was busy grading summer class papers, listened to the music, checked out the snack table taking just one sliver of a ginger cookie.

A couple people seemed new to me.  One new guy in particular appeared to have little sense of rhythm and beat, but was having a blast of a good time, with a big smile on his face, really trying hard.   Got to give him credit:)   Sometimes, it's really not the skill in the dancer; it's supposed to be FUN.   Then half-time break time for all, where I found out he's on vacation here with his sister, tho he'll look for a similar group back home in Connecticut........

Ah, but some four-guillitine??? dance with E, and later, the mazurka with P.   E and P are my two ultimate favorite dance partners:)   Both are excellent dancers, along with many others who are part of this more advanced group.   I know E well, used to have a massive crush on him even, ha, BJ knows that even and they've met and E even asks me about BJ.   But, he is a good, dear friend.   His voice was starting to go, he rubbed his head a couple times, and seemed not as sharp as usual.  I know him well and wonder if he's coming down with something.   Ah, but to dance with him -- he makes me a good dancer and it's always fun and always smooth and once I'm warmed up and can just relax and move with him, it is real good.   I would dance with him any day, any dance:)

An experienced woman dancer in my group once commented that E is her least favorite dancer, b/c his style just does not work for her and she explained it.   They are good friends, just she can't quite get his way of dancing.   I found that interesting, especially as she then explained what style she most likes, which happens to be like her husbands.   At least they are a good match, then:)   Her husband's style is really not quite mine.   And, gosh, I love how E waltzes, too, so apparently, our styles must be similar.

And then P, lol, I didn't even say hi first when they started getting into sets for the Clare Mazurka.   Tis okay:)   We did chat a bit of hellos and other things, tho he is a quiet type, which balances his normally chatterbox wife.   He really dances, can dance fast (swings and doubles), (okay, so can E) and hard yet smooth and we communicate completely and well together without hardly saying a verbal word.   I was warmed up by then, and with P, I can just flow with him while we dance.   It's not sexual, it's not that we're hitting on each other, we are touching as appropriate, it's like safe sex really sometimes.   Okay, without the orgasm, but the endorphins are there, there is that high.   And we both knew it was great and we smiled our thank you's, twice, and that's cool.    Sure, it helps that there is really nice and lovely music playing, that we both know that dance, etc., but still.  

BJ has come to a class and a J. Patrick's small ceili dancing time with me.   He did really well at the class, and he'd not tried this before!   He also has a mind that can comprehend figures and patterns fairly well.   Both E and P have careers that utilize that type of mind, as do some others, and I can get that myself.   I don't try to memorize, though.   I like to get the concept, and then just flow with it, feel it, body memory I guess, and being lead by a good partner.   Anyway, the important part is having fun, along with being safe, and giving it a good try:)   But, when they have the capacity to dance, too?   BIG kudos, then!


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