Wednesday, July 19, 2006

talked w/ M:) / Dance Camp

Just as I arrived at the doctor's office parking lot, M called me via Sh's cell phone.  (Used to be, Sh should hang up her cell phone if M dared try using it to call me, so this is an improvement, tho allowing M to use her own cell phone as WELL would be best, considering C and Sh call M on it, when they do call.)

Anyway, really nice to hear from her:)   M had NOT gotten my phone message I left last night, tho that is court ordered sigh.   I figured she wouldn't, so told her I'd said she had some mail (bracelet from Washington Post's Kids Post summer reading book club), and an e-mail from one of her teachers for next year.  She was eager for that one:)  

M has a daily tennis lesson "camp" for an hour this week, and Si has hers for 45 minutes.   M enjoys their new ping pong table more, ha, I always really liked ping pong:)   She didn't talk any more about that, though, tennis or the pp table.   M used to tell me an adamant NO she did NOT want to borrow a racquet and try tennis at her school's camp where there are courts.   I just told her I'm glad she liked trying it out now.   I am glad.   Also, that she's doing something, anything, for herself, tho it's ironic b/c she's in it b/c of Si, not b/c she ever expressed interest, but whatever.   

Right then, they were returning from Si's Irish step dance class.   Gee, guess what studio -- yep -- M's studio (the far away one not the local one that's almost mostly closed down).   It does make it a lot easier over time, and I'm glad that Si is having fun and things are working out, so there's no conflict with Sh or anything in regards to that dance school / teacher.  But, did M get to her (local) makeup class yesterday, or the one this afternoon?  No.   Was M in the stepdance camp held locally a couple weeks ago?  No.  Even for M's mandatory performance group camp, when originally scheduled, C demanded that it not take any of HIS time, that he'd switch weeks instead so she could attend.   Then it didn't happen, and so we didn't switch weeks, but the regular dance camp did still happen that week and he wouldn't take her.    But, Si gets to take it.   I don't get C / Sh, it does not make sense.  

I did at least send M with riding pants and both pairs of stepdance shoes, and she goes in with a friend and practices dancing in the back room of the studio.   That's good:)

Ma is saying that Si should go to a feis coming up thisfall, M kept saying that Ma was saying this.   Ma has been nice and all to M, not at all being rude, but it's not M's class, so Ma isn't picking out M to talk with.   Ma likely thinks that M is attending this feis, any feis, if M wants to, anyway.   Um, no......   M is with her father that weekend, and, gee, for many of the weekends feiseana are happening.   M and I talked a bit the feis part, i.e., that she is with C that weekend for that feis, if she's allowed to go, also, that I'd make sure she is registered.  (Not that I should have to pay if she's w/ them and they're going, anyway, but, I will look out for M; I can't trust them to look out for her in these regards.)

I just re-wrote C about the performance group camp coming up in 2 weeks.   Mom says we can forgo our trip to Maine if this means M can attend the camp (which C may only "allow" M to attend if C and I switch weeks, but that's only doable if Mom, M, and I, don't go to Maine this summer).   I asked him first if he'd allow M to attend the camp if she does get registered, after saying that I think it's great Si is having a great time in her stepdance camp:)   And, it IS great.    We'll see how he responds (or not).   Then when Mom or I can talk w/ M, we can see her preference, and then approach C about switching weeks.

I may have to mention to Ma, too, about specifically saying to Sh that M should attend that feis, also.  

It's just frustrating that they treat M one way, and Si another, so obviously different.

Heck, I don't get why M couldn't have known in advance that she had tennis camp this week, sheesz.   It's an hour lesson, ya think I'm going to go and crash it?   No.   An all-day, or a half-day camp that then held a show for parents, if M wanted me there, I would be there.   Like we invite C to things (or Sh or Si) of M's, not that they always come.  But, M is 12.   Why can't she KNOW in advance?   Shaking my head....   whatever.

Oh, we talked of other things, too:) and that's always nice, even if just a couple feet from Sh so not like she could fully talk.   I had to cut it off after 15? minutes b/c of the doctor's appointment, but that's okay.  Hate to, but.   I told her no, I hadn't sent the washing instructions for that shirt she designed for Si, as I had forgotten; she thinks mailing or e-mailing is good, but e-mail to C's e-mail and only bcc her.   It's as if she was not wanting Sh to know she was getting online there (not that she has this year), or that she didn't wish them to know her new / current e-mail.  Well, that is up to HER, tho if he asked me, I'd tell him (first checking w/ her I suppose).

She's reading The Borrowers.  I LOVED that book:)   I may need to re-read it myself!  Or, maybe it's a series......   it played a life in my imagination for some time at least.   She will finish City of Embers in a bit I guess after reading this, but that's okay, just enjoy reading.  I was thinking of mailing her the sequel to City of Embers, so now I know to wait on doing that.    There is a play locally right now of The Borrowers, and we almost went to see it last Saturday, but I got mixed up as to the location, had hoped it was at Glen Echo, but it's not, and then her friend couldn't go, so we did Montgomery County Humane Society calendar photos of some of our animals, after bathing Daisy, and other productive!! things around the house.  (She also hand made beautiful thank you cards that day I still need to address and mail for her; I want to color photocopy first.)   I told her that if they go see that play, though, that that's okay, just let me know if she'd still want to see it w/ me / again or not.   They wouldn't seek my okay, but I did wish her to know I understood and not feel guilty.

She may visit a new pool tomorrow afternoon......   C is working this week, Sh is his daycare for his two girls.   M didn't know what they'd do this weekend, but I'm Court Ordered another telephone contact by Saturday (even if I'll call her again beforehand, and my mother may tomorrow, too).

Update Thursday -- got to talk with Ma/the teacher!   She says Si has the same talent M has.........  suggested Si wait until the November feis, but did mention something to M and them today about the upcoming feiseana's, so that's great.   As long as M wants to do these things, then I'm glad Ma is supportive b/c if it comes from Ma and M, then C doesn't feel it's ME.   If any of that makes sense, plus Ma really wants M to come to a few days of camp.   She'll tell them that she suggested it to me, and that I'm fine with it and will contact them to try to work something out, yeah:)   

Oh, and M's in the Oircheatas!!!  For the 8-hand figures and Ma is pretty certain in the 4-hand ones, also.   Yeah:)   And we talked about fall which I had screwed up in my head which class is which (duh) but I think it'll work out now.....   I would prefer M have the balance of competition-type class and the dance company, and Ma agrees that if M wishes to do both, then this is better for her.   Some are doing regular class, competition class, AND company oy, no, not for M, not an hour away with her going to Oircheatas classes, also........   but, it'll work out:)  

I'm glad to get the feedback from Ma, too.   And, yeah, so she's enamored with Si, that's fine.   With 8 years difference, I don't THINK it'll feel like competition for M.   Just wish that C (and Sh) would allow M to do things that they allow Si to do, yanno?  That's all.......

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