Tuesday, July 11, 2006

pale orange full moon

I'm SO SO SO tired, but relaxed, and happy.:)   No sitter, so we took M out to Border's for fruity drinks, and book shopping.  I'd found my $150.!!! yeah, that's a relief, and I'd promised myself I could splurge on ME with some of it, and the splurge would have been getting a sitter, so instead I spent $21. on a book -- I NEVER spend that much money on a book, never mind something for myself.  It was on 20% off, but still.   Something like suite francoise (french suitcase) which I've been dying for.  (M had hoped to go swimming at the pool at BJ's hotel, but he didn't have a suit with him, and, frankly, the only one M found of mine was one of the bikini's, and mostly it meant just going out someplace.)
But, yeah, after M was asleep, AND Daisy asleep, we got some time to just "be."   It's been too long, so we had a lot of catching up to do.  :)
A lot more, but, not in a PUBLIC journal, yanno?
Sometimes, it's good to just "be."
Likely good I took M to her figures class, too.   And, I did enjoy talking even more with some of the parents.   I'm feeling comfortable there now, mostly, and as if friends with a couple.   One of the dances M learned (relearned? she likely has at least SEEN it from my groups classes), is Three Tunes.   It is a bit tricky for adults, ha, but the girls seemed to have some fun with it! :)
Ah, yes, as I told BJ last night, "There's only one you, so if I had to wait, then I had to wait."  He'd asked if it was worth the wait -- it's been a long time.   Just being next to him, close with him, talking with him in person even again, felt really good:)

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