Saturday, July 29, 2006

I hope I'm not going to get ticked
This is the third day since I've talked on the phone with M. The minimum is every 3 days, and there really is no reason for there not to be more contact if desired.
Anyway, distracted b/c I'm IM'g with an online friend:) and chatting with a girlfriend on the phone...... so they are helping:)
But, this would be the third time this summer, waiting until 4 days, instead of 3
having friends helps. but it hurts to anticipate talking with M, I waited to cal lher until I was potentiallylooking at an item I wanted her opinion on
Well, I do hope she is having fun. And she did get online her own e-mail last night! yeah:)
And she should have gotten my package yesterday.
But, to just chat for a few minutes, that's not wrong, that's not bad, heavens, I'm her mother. And it's always a short call, too, really, under 15 minutes, sometimes a lot under (the last two times she was told when to get off, too, or the last one and two times before). Whatever. As Sharon writes, why can't they call, or I call, or he call, any reasonable time?
"They" meaning the children, tho in my case, it's "just"one child. I don't know why he does this, tho I guess it's for control.
Have a good evening, all:) I would like to hear from her. In time:) Thinking of paths in life, and all of that.

growing, learning.......... at least have myself be who I can. Okay, I'm rambling now, but my off-journal conversation makes THIS sentence make sense:) I just wish I could chat w/ herin a non-controlled fashion. She could call and write, not HAVE to, mind, but when she wanted to. I encourage her when she's home, to contact him, or whomever in his family, when she's here. Time goes on. But why has there been no contact yet AGAIN. UGH.
okay 1 2 five seven finishing up

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  1. There's dropping only one shoe.  Any schedule on when we will know what is going on? ~ Mike