Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Easy Cheese and Communism

Being I'm not getting many questions (okay, so 4-5 people read this total), I'll start at the beginning:

Easy Cheese (aerosol):   Heck no, I want the REAL thing, baby!  :)   I LIKE cheese, real cheese, real flavors, and I don't care for it all processed up.   I can, however, see some use for spray cheese for more biodegradable graffiti writing, or for fun during parties........   if ignoring aerosol components which reduce reduce the ozone layer. 

Communism:  I have never been nor am I now a member of any Communist party.   (Is there more than one?)   I do see some benefit to "all people are created equal," that is a Christian theme.   Yet there's that George Orwellian / Animal Farm addition, "but some are created more equal than others."   I like there being some reward for ingenuity and hard work, while liking people who are down on their financial / medical/etc. blessings to have a support system.....   but, never considered joining the Communists:)

I've been pondering Amy's question, wow 15 years ago........   I think that'll be another entry!  :)


  1. Bet you never thought that you would one day have a post titled "Easy Cheese and Communism."  hehehe...  


  2. Now that's the truth, Dan!  :)   Even if I could truly imagine having an online journal.  :)  -- Robin