Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Many things I could update on, but I got to spend my lunch hour at Border's:)   M has joined the Washington Post's KidsPost summer reading book club, and chose 7 out of their 10 books.   I picked up three of them.   I didn't see the others, but I also figure it's a good start (a staff member did assist me but I told her it was fine to stop at that point).  I also figured I'd get a coupon off of others, and I did but not until I'd bought myself a pretzel, too whatever, just it's 20% off a book if the purchase is over $20.  UGH, I hate that, why not 20% off, anyway, encouraged younger readers of paperbacks?

Still waiting for the school's list, too, but, she'll devour these in now time:)   She's read a few lately as it is.   "The City of Ember" I read bits of, okay, "the last message" chapter of, while eating my pretzel as I'd not realized I had to tell her it was to go, oops, so I felt guilty with it heated and on a plate, so I sat there instead.   I think I'd like that one, not so sure she will but it'll expand her mind some I suppose.  

There was one about a weedflower or something, a USA-born Japanese heritage girl put in a concentration camp, who meets up with a Navajo boy and becomes friends.  I think M would like this, but it's also a lot like some others she's read lately, so it can wait, be less academic I suppose for a bit:)

My Side of the Mountain, and Lily's Crossing, were the other two I found from the KidsPost summer reading club.   

I quick-skim read one called "what my mother doesn't know," and it's fine enough and a bit of light intrigue about a 15-year olds first "real" love (okay, so they kiss and tingle when they brush arms phew, that's heady enough for my child, and this boy is one her friends and her never liked before so she has to decide if she'll accept him and she does which is good), but I decided it'd wait, too.   Maybe a couple years, even tho it really is light:) in part b/c the girl explores Boston on her own and I'm not giving M ideas about that yet, either.   Oh, and this boys REAL name is Robin, ha, so I almost thought what the heck, but yeah, shrug, nothing I HAD to buy for M, either.  Let her explore, too.

The book I wanted, I only saw, FINALLY saw, but only in hardback.   Something like suite francoise or translated, suitcase french.  I was in a survey of new books, and of all the, oh, 50 or so, books I was to chose between, that one really captured my attention.   Sounds historical and personal and exotic all at once........   $25. but 20% off, so I bought the pretzel to see if I'd get that coupon, but that's still only off of REGULAR prices.   MAYBE this one I can borrow from the library.   I usually never get to returning things even if I 100% want to and intend to....... so it's usually cheaper to buy, but, um, in paperback:)

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