Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday evening.........

Hey, so I learned one of their names!   But the two other guy musicians last night I don't think were the ones there on Thursday.  Anyway, nice Irish music again -- and the waltz tune was great.  I love waltzing and a woman who drove 4 hours from Virginia Beach to attend, didn't wish to sit it out.   Heck, I don't care, it was a "for the love of the dance" type of thing.    Just glas she led, b/c I can dance that quickly and as complicated as she was leading the waltz, but I can't lead it that well.   I would waltz with M for hours a night sometimes, when she was a wee baby, and then a toddler, and sometimes when older.   Last time M joined me at a ceili and agreed to waltz with me, lol, she was trying to lead:)   She is getting older.........

Also met a woman, and her date, both of whom I'd seen before.   Ends up, this woman, same name as M, dances with Footworks with Ma.  

Thee best part, though, was M calling me:)  Finally, right as the Connemarra ended and a break was starting up.  I'd called her earlier.   Guess she'd just woken up.   She'd been to Wolftrap with Si and Sh, and Sh's dad, and C joined them (he'd not been with them overnight Friday, but worked on setting up shelves in M's room there for her birthday.)   I'm glad she got something birthday wise now:)   Anything, I don't care, plus I guess a couple books.   She's almost finished The Borrowers, oh I may have to re-read it myself! and will start Lilie's Crossing and something she got there that escapes me.   She finished City of Ember! and asked me for the sequel.   Ha, I'd planned to get it and mail it, anyway, so now I'm glad she asked for it, AND liked it so much.   And etc., etc.......   she's excited to get to her performance dance camp, and has drumsticks already for it!  All new dances, Mom.   So, good.   Tennis camp continues next week.  I thought Si's did, but I couldn't find M's online.   I laugh at her nickname as part of her team, lol:)   She'd e-mailed me horse profiles from ones she wants to buy ha, tho hasn't been able to get her own e-mail yet.   Etc. etc.   It's just so nice to stay in touch with her:) and I'm glad when she's having a good time.  Hard to tell as she was sounding out of it / tired, but presumably it was fun.

I did start off with North Kerry set with E, just warming myself up with that one, but it was still quite nice:)   Ended with Clare Lancers as always, and that guy is a good dancer, not a "wow I must dance with him again" type, but very good nevertheless.

Interestingly, SO was there w/o his girlfriend I'll call CC.   Apparently she hasn't shown up in a long time now.   One lady asked me if he and I were back together, cuz we happened to arrive at about the same time.   "Ahh, can't you find someone local?" lol, when I mentioned BJ, who she remembers meeting a couple times.   Too funny.   Yeah, local would help instead of 800 miles away.   It almost makes it easier to mention BJ, cuz some of them have met him, and then they don't fret so about me, even when we were in our "in touch" days but not quite dating phase.   SO did ask me to dance with him for the Ballyvourney Jig Set.   A great, fun dance, and what the heck.  It felt really comfortable dancing with him again, even that fast, I'm pleased; it was fun.   I forgot there was a chain at the end, lol, but hey, so did half my set:)   I'm really glad he asked me.   I was the one trying to push for friendship after we'd broken up, but he couldn't handle a whole dance with me, or workshop, he said that, it was too difficult.   Then CC started joining in (formerly the wife of one of his best friends see, SO and CC had grown emotionally very close, apparently why he and I stopped dating, but she's cool and what the heck, I e-mailed her to let her know no hard feelings).  But, she was still uncomfortable with him dancing with anyone else, so he didn't.  She used to tell him she was jealous of me and didn't understand why as they were only friends.   Life goes on.  And it got me feeling all weird again if we'd be at the same places / dances.   But, admittedly, when she's not been around, he's been real friendly.   Anyway, I feel like this re-cracks the ice yet again:)   It's good to know that he can be a dance partner again; I like that:)   We do well.   On a side note, I took BJ to a mini-ceili at J. Patrick's in B'more one afternoon about 1 1/2 years ago? I forget exactly, but oh my, SO and CC were there, along with E and others, and did SO and CC fawn all over BJ.   I was cracking up.   E told me it's b/c it helps them see I've moved on.   Yeah, well, sure, but it's still funny.  

Okay.  So I went back to sleep this a.m. after walking Daisy and feeding the cats, et al.   Until a wrong # called.   Spent hours at my father's.   We re-went over thee same mail and bills as last time, but this time, I had him write out the checks (even if I had to doctor one, and switch one enveloped from a torn / taped up one).  I got them in the mail.   Cleaned, and, are you sitting down? he got together one bag of trash, also.   I guess I'm getting better:)  Plus, the trash comes on Tuesday, and I told him I'd take it down to "the curb" today.   He did this while I went to the grocery store for him and for me, telling him I'd like him to do this.   That it's important to know that he can take care of himself here.   (We've talked of this before but not sure it's sunk in super well before, that and I was obviously picking up some things there myself for a bit.)   He did thank me a couple times.   Decided that he DOES wish to go to the book store later this week after all.......... (used book store which he loves and I like).   Sometime, we'll work on getting him to take some there to SELL, too:)  And, um, me, too.   

So many hours at and with my dad.  I don't know what he'd do if I moved, or became physically incapable.   Guess I'd have to get him set up better.   For now, one day at a time.   I made sure to comment on how well his attempt was, how much better that area loooked:)   I cleaned a LOT of the kitchen.   Three BIG trashbags later, and a lot of cans / bottles in the recycling.    It helps.

I don't want tomorrow to start yet.  I want another day to just do what I have to do, or want to do.  I have laundry, mine which incudes M's, and Dad's.   I'd forgotten to take his last time, I was so frazzled about the overflowing toilet.   I have more "todo" things of my own.   It was good to dance; I needed to dance and be social! (no more "safe sex" feelings, but heck, I was dancing! and seeing friends! and listening to live goodmusic! and shall I say it again, dancing!  lol).  :)   And slept.   Etc.   I'm glad to see my boss return; I like working with him, and the office should perk up again, or at least my section of it.   But, I'm not ready YET.

Boy, is this a disjointed entry.  LOL.   Thee best news is likely that my cousin got engaged:)  FINALLY, lol.   Patience is thee word for the weekend, and for them, or mostly, for HER.   I'm really happy for him and them.   He's a great kid, um, in his early 30's now, but I still think of him as a kid.   100% no question theee youngest of all of the cousins, some who have grandchildren even.    (I was told last night I didn't look old enough to have a 12-year old, huh?  I'm 44.5 years old, I'm not old enough?   lol right, classmates of mine have been grandparents.)  I didn't know until this a.m., but I think M will be happy to hear it, too.

And, I did get to see a former really good friend of mine on Friday night -- yes dancing again and I didn't care a ton for it.  Contra dancing.   Some of it I think could be fun, but some seems weird to me.   Mostly, I was way too overheated and hot, and got a bit dizzy for one dance when there was no chance to do an "opposite spin."   Oh well.  I'd promised a friend I'd join her sometime there, and it happened to be Friday.    But, nice to see my friend, the musician / pianist again:)   He's an EXCELLENT musician, I referenced him in an earlier entry b/c I knew I was going to see / hear him.  

Yawn.   My legs don't feel it, so guess I'm okay w/ a lot of dancing.   But, I'm TIRED:)

It's quiet.   I could be at a training thing w/ that financial group, but eh.   I don't know if I'm going to pursue that, am going to research the company more, so why take the time?

Happy week, all.

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