Friday, July 14, 2006

one crisis down!

Mood = relief

First off, thank you to all of you who have commented or e-mailed or otherwise lent support.   That this was SO far along in the process was really scary, and there were a lot of hurdles along the way to resolving this.  

"Well, I was happy to see my dad had really washed up.   Not clear if that included his hair or not, lol, but, it was presentable.   And, clean socks.   Had him change his shirt and put on pants I'd brought, oh, too big, so another pair I'd bought him a few months back, still new w/ tags.   Great, works fine.   "I think I won't go today, I'd rather just find out the amount and write a check."   ACK, um, "no, Dad, it's too late for that now.   You have to go with me.   They have to get the money wired to them TODAY or by noon, (12:26pm somehow that odd time), your home will be sold."   "It will?"   Ugh.

He'd lost his passport, his only current PHOTO id of relevance, yet he was to authorize wiring of several thousand dollars.........    yeah right.   The teller has known him for years, decades really, which authorizes him to authorize me to be on his account, and then with MY two photo ID's, the bank could allow me to wire the money (onhis behalf).   Oy.   Plus scrambling for other monies, Doug even stopped by last night to bring me what he'd come up with, and my mom wired right from her account, faxed confirmation, etc.   Talked w/ my stepfather this a.m., too, and even he was worried.   Not clear why the sympathetic approach right now, but hey, that's good:)   My mom said she's doing this for Doug and I, and yes, I know that.   I still made sure Dad knew my mother loaned him money (Doug and I really but hey), and he said he planned to write her a thank you note.   Likely I'll have to remind him.  He means to write it.
The woman at the mortgage company came in 7 a.m. today her time (California), ONLY to handle this.  She knew we didn't get the figures until late yesterday (4 or 5pm) tho we asked around 11 a.m., she even had some of it knocked off to be added to his monthly payments starting in August.......   The monies from the two bankwires may not fully go through until tonight, tomorrow, or even Monday, but this woman took the confirmation faxes, and called to verify funds at the two banks.   1.5 hours before the sale, she called me to verify that the sale IS off (and she's leaving work for the day now).   (BJ thinks she deserves flowers -- great idea!  AND a written letter from me to her company thanking her -- that can help in a persons file.)
THEN I just felt this flood of emotion, wanting to cry in relief.   I'm good in a crisis:)   Can keep a clear head, focus just on what needs to be done, get to the gist, not get emotional.  Then, after, I can react.
I am so glad we won't do THIS again.  (Two precautions set up for that, me on his checking account now, and me as a point of contact for his mortgage company, and a third coming up, i.e., I'll set up his mortgage payments to be AUTOMATIC now, not just have him think they are.)  Amy is right that a power of attorney is sounding much more necessary now.   On the list of things to consider with him.
Even if he looked at me this a.m. and says he doesn't plan to sell his home.   Yeah, well, today, we saved it for him.   One step at a time.   I turned off the shower when we got back to his home, and the running water in the sink.   He asked me to bring him some cola or iced tea.   Gosh, he was asleep when M and I went by Sunday.     He IS down on groceries, I checked, and will have to come back.   Put in more light bulbs - this set would have been tricky for him.   Went to verify faxes went through (confirming the bank wire transfers), and fax one last piece of paper.
The crisis part is done.   PHEW.
Thanks, all:) 
Really.   I think it was interesting for Doug to see who would try to do something to help him last minute, and it's always interesting for me, too, emotionally, financially, legally, whatever (the "team" both called me a couple times later, too, including this a.m.).    And the different employees at banks, etc.
Lots of other things to work on with him, and at work, and for myself even.  One crisis down:)

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