Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gorgeous Inside!

Walking Daisy and Indie-boy this a.m., we passed a lovely townhouse across from "the" park, that'd been vacant and for sale gosh, a few weeks now.   A new sign was added,
GORGEOUS INSIDE."  :)    I wanted to add, "Me, too, and you, too!"   lol

What about for us humans?   Do we feel gorgeous inside?  And I don't mean just for my neighbor who is almost 2 months pregnant now yeah, congrats to her and her husband and their 4-year old.   How do we feel, physically, mentally, spiritually?   How are we perceived, inside?

I know, physically, I've been feeling fairly awful this past week.   A lot of PMS symptons not like my typical ones, pain and sensitivity in other places even (no I won't get into details on HERE publically), and different pains now.   Is this worse because I've been out in the heat some, potentially got dehydrated, too?   "Just" because I'm getting older?   I knew my body started shifting sometime during the year I was 42.   Shifted outwards.   I can't fit my clothes anymore that I could wear for years and years.   I still need some new things.   And, then, this past week, even my current clothes some didn't fit bleah.   Maybe it's the added salts to compensate for the sweating, or in some of the prepared foods and nuts I'm eating more of w/ M away?   Who knows, but it all SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.   Well, some small things are fine:) but mostly, it SUCKS.

And, aren't zits supposed to be less of a problem by the time one hits this peri-menopausal crap?  

At least, this time of month, I can like chocolate, dark chocolate.  The only time I have ever liked chocolate is some of the time when I was pregnant (I really liked peppermint patties, helped w/ the nausea, too), and when PMS'g.   A couple scoops of Nutella last night, okay, it's cocoa but I felt it'd help (plus a healthy dinner, really, I MADE myself eat, and oj w/ calcium.)    Some ice cream this a.m.:) just b/c, well, what the heck, lol, plus lentil pilaf.   Give me some protein / complex carbs to start the day so I don't go flying and then crashing.   No, don't worry, I always eat weirdly.   Just don't ever usually have ice cream around, and I've been eating SO SO healthy lately, a little ice cream sounded too good:)   Besides, Miss Liberty wanted to lie down on top of my lap, so it was hard to get back up to get something else, right?! :)

Cats don't typically see themselves in mirrors, know what they themselves look like.   They just know who they ARE.  :)   Gorgeous inside, they are, and outside, tho not sure they always feel that way, at least about themselves/inside.   I doubt they care what they look like outside.

Adding:  Just had lunch with a raspberry iced tea and the world feels better now, a touch of sweet with my caffeine:)   (Not completely, but improved.)   Read the last chapter, give or take, of "Eleven Minutes" while at Borders.   I picked up M's sequel to City of Ember whose name escapes me right now, and the free sample of Tom Petty's single, Saving Grace.  Eleven Minutes is actually an interesting story, or so it seems from the jacket and the bit I read.   The main character is a young woman who becomes a prostitute, a bit of her story as to how and why, I think, and then finding a man she loves who loves her.  It's scary for her, b/c it's not just sex now, but that sacred sex.   Sacred sex involves her soul, too.   The gorgeous part of her, inside:)


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