Friday, November 3, 2006

Happy November:) Birthdays and all

Ah, tis the season.   In talking with M today, who is off of school and enjoying her day with my mother and Bob, I realized they were planning on having my birthday meal partially tonight, lol.   Um, okay.   Glad I'd nixed the idea already of us camping (with Girl Scouts) in the recently 24-31 degrees F weather tonight (in the 70's earlier this week, crisp Canadian air waving the trees about now).   Except M wants to do an extra feis practice, also.   I told her to figure it out with my mother, whatever is fine!   The original idea had been Sunday night as the birthday dinner night with my mother/Bob/M.

Ah, yes, my uncle turned 64 this month, will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?   Not that Paul McCartney is doing so well these days with his STBX wife.   Ah, but Beth and my now 64-year old Uncle Len are doing fine:)   Were to take a ferry over to my cousins, celebrate, and help him move this weekend into a new home where he and his fiancee will live.   (She's awaiting her fiance status to be approved, so right now, isn't even allowed to enter the US legally, from Canada, which sucks.  And, once it's approved, they must be married within I think 90 days, which makes wedding planning a mite tricky, also.)

Amy (onourown private journal), MikeV009 (I'm Going Sane in a Crazy World), my long-time friend, Chuck (, even Laura Bush turns 60 this month (if she has a blog, I don't know of it!), and I, all share the month of November for our birthdates:)   At least, IIRC, Mike's is in November.  

I love fall.   The colors, the pollens all dead so I can breathe again, enjoy the world around me!   It's a gorgeous day today just frigid brrrrr and one of thee main things I learned in my 40-hour GS training class (yes, 40 hours and I had the flu for part of it), is that if I'm not adjusted to temperatures yet and I am cold / can't get warm, I will be truly truly miserable.   If the temperature was warm today, also?  I'd be dragging M along on this trip:)   It still sounds exciting for me, even M likes the location a lot (formerly part of the Underground Railroad).   Hiking with Daisy and M tomorrow, yes, maybe that's what we'll do instead:)   Visit my dad for a mite.   And a ceili at night, inside, and slower speed for the music most likely as it's a very beginners ceili, but, still dancing and movement and fun:) 

Fall can bring exhilaration, breathing in that cooler crisp air, when warm otherwise, yes, pumpkins, and apples, I love most things with apples and pumpkins, too, actually.   Thanksgiving foods rank up there with my favorites, yum, munched on dried cranberries this morning, and splurged on a sweet potato pie for a ceili last Sunday.   There were two pieces left over -- one I surprised M with in her lunch one day, ha, not a bite leftover.

So, happy birthday to all of us this month of November:)  (No today isn't "my" day, but what, you want my SSN and mother's maiden name, too?   I will say that M joked with me that I'm REALLY middle-aged this month lol, um, hey, child, I plan to live until I'm 100 or so, not just 90, so that means I won't hit middle aged for 5 more years, riigghhttt?)

Updating to adda link I'd thought I'd lost, but had wanted to include here:   Candy by Sign: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces - AOL Horoscopes  Supposedly I'm a fan of dark and shadowy so stock up on candy cigarettes, lol.  Ah, not true, but I DO like licorice, and if it's going to have to be chocolate, make it real DARK chocolate:)

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  1. I have a confession to make, I am Laura Bush. Sorry for deceiving you. :)