Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Election Comments

Just a few quick ones.   I had hoped to join in helping in advance but had no time, which is likely obvious to everyone else, but hey, I had hopes:)

Well, WOW!   24 extra seats........ and waiting on, um, some state, where the guy pressed the wrong button or something, hey, he admitted it and people can deal appropriately at least.    It's amazing, as if it's been SO many years coming........   Chaffee's father, the late Chaffee, of RI was a big supporter of (an organization I'm involved with), and being RI is such a hugely Democratic state, that they've stayed in those many years show how good at least his dad has been.  Amazing that 62% (give/take) support how son Chaffee has been doing, and yet don't like W. Bush badly enough to vote Democratic, anyway.   It took some years and a lot of deaths and damage, but wow, maybe the nation can get back on appropriate track again:)  Hopeful.
I was voting "locally," more so, being our Congressman (Chris Van Hollen) is pretty secure and stayed that way, albeit our retiring Senator Sarbanes had a vacant seat that ended up going Democratic (Ben Cardin) :)    I'm told we were one of the states to watch because of it, but really, state politics seemed to take precedence for us -- THRILLED just THRILLED that "Bobby" let's throw tantrums and send out false campaign fliers, etc., plus I don't like his politics, either, Ehrlich OUT as governor.   Martin O'Malley, Mayor of B'more, has won.   I'm really really glad:)
Some of my other candidates have won, also, but it's harder to tell as the news media seems so very focused on the national issues for it.  
Raining, pouring, but, a good day indeed!
Side note -- got a "I vote" sticker, and in Spanish, and voting electronically via touch screens, which worked beautifully as they have in the past, too, at least, in my county!, with thee longest wait since the Presidential one, i.e., 15 minutes in and out and done:)   Yes, the high schoolers had a bake sale, but I'd eaten breakfast and sweets didn't sound good at that moment.....   I did wish to support them.  Oh, well.  


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