Thursday, November 9, 2006

so which month is this?

National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, 2006

The current President George Bush proclaimed on October 30 that November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month.   Rather cool, I suppose, not sure if this means people will do more for it, but hopefully so.   At least it's more recognized now, which is a good step.   Now to include other forms of dementia along with it:)  (My fathers dementia is still undiagnosed officially, but from all I've read, which a slew of information yet TO read and absorb, he does have cognitive impairment, and it's the dementia caused by mini-strokes (he's had a few of those).  

November is also Eat Healthy Month!   Oh, yum, yum:)   Does this mean we can eat Thanksgiving-meal foods all month long?!

It's also deer mating season, which is all the more obvious for having to be extra careful lately while driving.   These young beautiful creatures:)

Is any of this related?  Perhaps.  I DID have venison for Thanksgiving one year in Maine.   Alright, so that was dinner while waiting for some of the family to return home, before the age of cell phones, and turkey was later on.   Venison was on hand, the men anxious and figuring they should feed us kids (or perhaps they got hungry themselves).   Quite the Thanksgiving memory overall, lol.

Oh, ticks are out, too -- found one deer tick on my hand this a.m. and then M found one on Daisy.   (Found another on Daisy the next day as well.) 


  1. In my house, Novemeber is self-indulgence month, there are actually twelve of those in my house.


  2. Hi! I have a number of entries about my beliefs about activities with Alzheimers and dementia residents in my journal and my father suffered for years with it after his strokes. Play a lot of word games, keep his mind active a spossible!