Monday, November 20, 2006

how Thanksgiving went

Cuz I may as well relay how it went, eh?

I like the comments, btw, so thanks:)  I do feel more in a fish bowl now, however.   Not that there wasn't that possibility previously, so I have kept very careful to leave out identifying stuff, but still:)   Makes me feel a bit weird about it all, eh, sometimes.   I'm more writing to help me sort out my thoughts, or to save my thoughts, not necessarily the same thing.   My journal "blog" isn't fancy and gussied up, in part cuz I don't really know how to and just haven't had time to learn it.   D's Designs have fantastic designs but how to tag something?   Could be fun, but that's okay.  I'm just trying to write.   I'm not worried about an audience per se.   It's exciting to connect with others, if I'm reading someone else's or s/he is reading mine, and the entry can make one smile, or think, or related, or feel something.   THAT I like:)

M went back to school and she wanted more weekend time, felt this weekend was too short, woke up 4am even.   I hope to finally nail down a plumber for Dad, and re-call Meals on Wheels.   And get child support (crossing fingers, was due Nov. 1).  This means waiting for the mail carrier, hopefully the one who knows me:)   I'll juggle money around if need be to try to cover the tuition due without bouncing anything else.  For lunch today, I imagine Bob eating at least one mini-sandwich with the rolls and turkey, or maybe he'll just use regular bread, but I imagine these rolls are good for filling up.  

It was a good day yesterday, I even (are you sitting down?) had fun.   Mom was in a great mood, a bit anxious at turkey coming out time, as it wasn't as ready as it should have been even if cooked longer than recommended by then.   It didn't really matter, though.   There was enough sparkling cider for two rounds.   We used the fancy glasses, and M gets joy out of having this special drink for special meals.  We played two board games after pie, which was a little while after dinner.   Laughing even.  There was an all vegan pumpkin pie, with whipped soy topping, for my niece, and the replacement mincemeat and apple pies.  

Yep, somehow, the apple pie M picked out carefully yesterday, got tilted, slid all to one side, and she so preferred a nice looking one.   Spacecadet me (Dizzy (last name) Space Cadet was a nickname C and a couple other friends of mine called me in high school, lovely, lol.)   We left the house without the frozen mincemeat pie I didn't wish to drive all the way back AND waken Daisy to retrieve.    Dad was happy to have the other apple pie, so I simply rebought an apple and an mincemeat pie, from the second grocery store, as the first didn't have these OR Borax OR chandelier lightbulbs.   Having more constant visits with my father seem to be a good thing there.   He even reasked me what I did upstairs Saturday, and was happy to know that the one toilet / bathroom is usable again.  

I came upon Mom and M talking about the solo dress M tried on yesterday, was there a photo taken (um, no, being we know what it looks like, etc., but I think I know a website where it's on), what the price is (which M got wrong lol), how well it fits, etc..   Mom asked me privately what I'd told the woman.   Heck, we want that dress; it's the right fit and style for M, and it's good colors for her facial features, too, plus with a good history:)   The girl who outgrew it is possibly thee sweetest Irish step dancer we've ever met.   I enjoyed spending time talking with her and her mother again.   Oh, it's a GREAT price, too.   (Many of these are in the thousands of dollars, and this, in the few hundreds.)  I told Mom, honestly, that we told the mom selling the dress, that we just had to figure out the money, and she promised to contact us if anyone else became interested in it.   I just don't know if my mother still plans to purchase one for M or not.   Or, splitting the cost I could suggest, too.  

I just wished to get through the day first:)   And, it was fine.  Even chatted very briefly with BJ at one point, and talking with my SIL was good, too, been a while for anything extended with her.

All of us, well, us going to NYCity, talked a few times about what specifically we're doing there.   We'll have 1-2 hours inbetween designated stops.   My niece has never been before, so naturally has many potential ideas while also uncertain which to chose.  I guess it's all still on, then.   No mention of any possibility of it not being on.   My mother was animated and happy, never fussed or bristled at a thing all day. 

This afternoon on the car radio, the disc jockey joshed with a caller about Thanksgiving preparations and shopping.  The caller has her turkey yadda yadda yadda.  I'm thinking that I'm SO glad to be done with all of that now.   The dj mentions that she has it under control, too, that she'd picked up her vodka and earplugs, so she's all set.   ROFL to the point I actually called her about it.   She was glad, for she'd been uncertain about it as soon as she said it, afraid she'd offend someone.   We chatted about how it's okay to not have a Hallmark holiday, and people sometimes set themselves up with perfect expectations.   How she loves her mother, but.  (I didn't mention mine.)   I called my aunt Vesta, Mom's youngest sister.   Vesta laughed, too, "bring back memories?"   Well, not for ME drinking vodka, but hey.   Whatever gets us through, and if we're all happy enough and healthy enough, right?   She asked how it went yesterday at my mother's, happy for us and surprised, "What was wrong with her?" lol, just told Vesta that perhaps my mother felt particularly thankfuldue to her recent scare in the ER, I don't know, but even M noticed, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

My cousin like a sister cousin, and her kids, my Goddaughter and my "nephew," will join her, as will my late cousin, Dougie's kids and their mother.   I'm real glad, and think I'd love to be there with them:)   Then I see the mail truck by my set of mailboxes, and get off the phone, asking her to say hi to my Uncle Kenny.   I stand there, patiently.   This is the carrier who doesn't really know the people as well as the main mail carrier.   He doesn't chat.   A third one I think may also be deaf.  I see an envelope with C's handwriting on it put into a slot that I think is mine, and my department store bill, and, ha, everyone else gets The Washington Post mini-blurb but me, yeah, cuz I already get their full paper, daily.   I'm hopeful, and yes!, he asks me which box is mine.   I get my mail! with the calendars with Daisy and Billy and Tinkerbell, and the child support check!    And other bills.   I turn around again, and notice a fork on top of the boxes.   And, something, else, oh my, those are MY KEYS!!!   The green Girl Scout leather tab is, well, partially white, and the mailbox key and another key are a bit rusty.   I look around at the men mowing the grass, knowing one of them had the thought to place these items where they'd be found.   These guys had been leaf blowing at TOO early, BEFORE the legal noise ordinance time, this a.m.   Now, I'm grateful:)



  1. I have a doctors appointment today and will email you how to get pix on you j when I get back...Someone helped me and I would love to  help you!  Will email my self and remind me...I am bad about that...LOL..if you have not heard from email me as I have around 800 emails in my box...LOL..Hugs and have a great day!  TerryAnn

  2. Wow! You have a good memory! Thanks for visiting.