Tuesday, November 7, 2006

more on getting older

I had copied into this journal bits I'd written on a message board, for a thread started by Vicki asking, basically, for "words of wisdom" in life.    This is her response to, basically, my last entry here also posted on that board:

This is a centerpiece in the scrapbook and here is the photo which accentuates the post. This photo is the lovely depiction of a heart which is not inflicted of bitterness.  It focuses upon  the proof of love.

That I did always love,I bring thee proof:That till I lovedI did not love enough. 

This is that photogragh that was captured from the camera's eye...  it is that mindset which promotes love to replace any hate... and a message of hopefulness to loose the binding of hopelessness...  nothing is worse than the deafening foolishness and the blind hate.  Life is too precious to not reflect the beauty of blessings and even bitterweet memories...  The photo does exhibit love...

Thanks so much for the post.
And this is the "ancient birthday / being jaded" thread on another board and comments from some others on there which I found interesting:
And my eyes have opened to may differant things. -- ??

I guess that is what they mean by the older you get the wiser you get.  I am 39. -- ??
I just hope I can be as happy as I used to be one day. -- Nomad (I think)

I am happier in my 40's than any time in my life and mainly because I have learned to love myself for who I am and not dwell on what I am not and not to dwell on the things that I can't change. In my teens I was too worried about what I was going to be, in my 20's I was trying to be someone I was not and be a person someone else wanted me to be, in my 30's I dreaded all the mistakes I had made and thought hitting40 would be the end for me. Oddly enough I look better than I did in my 20's and feel younger now than I did back then. Happiness comes from within you and no one can make you happy and you have to find it on your own. Plus priorities change as we age, all the little things don't matter anymore now and I see the big picture. - Pass
So, as you get older, perhaps reach another milestone, perhaps not, how do YOU look at life now, as compared to your earlier days?
I did take a look in the mirror last night -- yesterday was a tired Monday after a full weekend -- if I have a good half of my lift or hopefully even more left to go, my hair will have been brown with a touch of red just a small portion, childbearing years over, my bones, my teeth, my skin, well, my skin renews but doesn't renew by looking brand new and youthful again, I need to be sure I'm taking care of this physical self of mine.   The rest?  I like to think is getting better:)   Drowning half the time in all I "must" do, but learning as I go, too, I hope.

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