Sunday, November 19, 2006

maybe I should clarify somewhat

maybe I should clarify somewhat.
Not trying to sound destitute:) We're not, blessedly. M could certainly get a new skirt or a dress, sometime. It wasn't on my mindset then, we'd gotten her two pairs of reasonably- priced yet good pants that fit and will do well, and a top. We'd spent money for Thanksgiving, for today, and a sack of potatos for her school one on Tuesday:) Her school tuition is due tomorrow, and I don't have November's child support. We'd even picked up some craft items and other things at a dollar store, too, M feeling creative for her two "gift exchange" parties.   I didn't have more money for a skirt or skirt outfit right then, without charging it which I avoid.  

I have chosen for M to attend that school. It's very important to me, and at this point, to her, too.
I just can't get any extras very often. I spent a bit more this week for her friends birthday present, and she paid for the hamster itself (for her FRIEND's home!  Apparently it wasn't super clear, but Bubba was never intended for OUR home, but M's FRIENDS home).
I want to be sure to make the necessary things. The skirt may be needed in her wardrobe, or a skirt, but not yesterday was it a requirement. :)
Hugs today to everyone, and yes, we're running out to church so of course, I'll hear real soon if she's truly lacking dressy clothes, lol. Or, she'll wear one of her new pairs of pants, which is entirely acceptable in her youth group. They're not jeans:)

life goes on, M singing Steve Perry ack, she's tended to like every song of his she hears.   Here I thought she had good musical taste:)

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  1. very nice entry! hugs, natalie (lurkynat)