Wednesday, November 8, 2006

valve switches

Doug calls to let me know what was up with his phone bill.   He even went by Dad's to try to find a copy of the most recent one (it'd gone up a few hundred and was not making sense).   Thankfully, that's resolved:)

So he changes some lightbulbs (oh, right, Dad had about 6 he wanted me to do, being we don't want him standing on chairs to change them, I'm thankful Doug could then), and asks me why I didn't turn off the valve.   Valve?  Valve for what?   Oh, the water pipe that's dripping.   Sigh.   Ya mean we could have stopped this?  It's dark now so he didn't do it.  SO it'll drip until tomorrow, could have been turned off YESTERDAY if he'd told me this when I talked w/ him.   He didn't understand, thought it only dripped if it'd been used.  

I swear, sometimes I wish I'd spent more years with my stepfather, also, and learned some things from him, cuz my dad, who taught me many wonderful things certainly, knows nothing about home maintenance or car maintenance......   so I grew up, not knowing each thing has a daggone valve.   That's all this would have taken.   (Making mental note to bring some kind of, hm, wrench I suppose, to work on this tomorrow...... UGH.)

Oh, well, I wish Doug'd unclogged the toilet, or did he?, but at least now I know what to do for one temporary fix, eh?!

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  1. Ouch, I couldn't fix my own car if my life depended on it.