Monday, November 20, 2006


May as well continue this roll:) 

I don't like the entire focus on Santa, as I feel he takes away from Jesus.  I even have a sweatshirt with santa in the manger with "what's wrong with this picture," which I wear Christmas shopping:)   I've chilled since having a child of my own, apparently not willing to give up the tradition of surprise presents on Christmas morning, and the stockings.   Even as young adults, my brother and I would get Christmas stockings.
I'd insist to M that Santa wasn't real, but was a representation of Father Christmas / Kris Kringle, a good man who lived in the past and etc.   I didn't want to lie to her.  She decided she wouldn't believe me:)   Yes, actually as an older child re-asked me about Santa's existence, and when I retold her about it all, she told me a bit later, that she decided she did not and would not believe me.  LOL.   I never told her Santa existed, and I've not told her the past couple years that he doesn't.   I know she understands, now, as she's snuck presents under the tree for me "from Santa." 
So, we just both go along with the fun of it, now.  That likely is the best, anyway, just have fun with it:)
Just don't tell me that having Santa someplace is the religious equivalent of having a menorah.   Or that including a song about Rudolph the reindeer, however much I love that song and that movie, what a classic!, is religious.  That just insults everyone, really.
Admittedly, Charlie Brown Christmas is, IMHO, thee best Christmas movie.   Great music, too.  


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  1. I told my son in first grade the truth...about Santa and the Easter Bunny etc..the reason is because I didn't want him to say well you lied about Santa and the Easter Bunny..He went to school and told some kid I was the Easter Bunny and the kid told him " Oh, Cool could you send her to my house!"...LOL...but I now have a four year old and I am not sure when I will tell her...I just play it by ear..cause my oldest is a mommy now and she is expecting her second..crazy..I have a 22 yr old, 12, and 4...and grand how crazy is that...LOL..Hugs,TerryAnn