Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving feast on a tornado watch day

Grey rainy warm day -- perfect for tornados apparently.   While multitasking here, as always, getting one call, "the barn" called me on my cell.  Not about reenrolling, but that she has to cancel classes today.   M will be very disappointed, safe, but disappointed.   She loves her riding, and looked forward to class today.   Wait, this means, I'll have to pick her up after school! it means her daycare is canceled! oh, we can use a few hours to just us.   I'll miss some of staff meeting, but my boss will understand, he's a family man, the "younger" viewpoint on how to manage employees.

In a few moments, the Thanksgiving Feast.  I'm not really crazy about lunching with tons of people.   I suppose I'll go comb my hair first, put on a dab of lipstick.   No winter holiday party this year, being it'd be me doing it with people assigned to help me, and my boss really liking the idea of our traditional, 7th annual secular Thanksgiving feast, i.e., no one overtly enthusiastic about it.  I admit, I built the Thanksgiving feast up to him, also, cuz I feel it's been an important tradition here for many.   Our hundreds of employees are mostly introverts, and many won't travel home or have others visit them and may be alone on "the" Thanksgiving Day.   It's a good thing.

Have to admit, controlling manager was annoying me yesterday and today, so I ignored the one thing, took a breathe, and handled the rest in a way that seemed appropriate (nicely).   Talking with another manager, the interim boss for me whom I know well and knows HER well, he told me "You should have been a diplomat.   She is just being controlling, that's her thing."   lol   It was SO nice to hear someone else say that.   And, oh yeah, Boss told me he told her that he wants ME doing those things, too:)   I was wondering if he'd ever pick up on it. 

Still smiling at nyboots journal "leaf day," too.   I love fall leaves, even in the blowing grey clouds and almost leafless trees of today in the heavy warm rain.   Assisted Living Center Activity   I may have to take inside to Dad a few of those colorful leaves at his house, so he can see them, too, well, that may also confuse him as to what the heck I'm doing, lol.   He wants M to come by and fix his cell phone, also, as in, get it to ring and not vibrate.   She's likely the only one who can figure that out.   Perhaps AFTER the tornado watch:)



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