Sunday, December 31, 2006

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go? (asked by The Clash and now me)
I nixed the ceili and the local party. Asking a friend if she was up for doing something this long weekend, she invited me to join her tonight. Hmmm. She's at the first party now, but I'm on for the later one. R may be there, she says. R is a guy I met last Spring, mentioned in one of my first entries. I actually asked him if he was up for a short hike Monday or Tuesday. Then I got his vacation message and felt like a heel. Likely easier on me if he's NOT there.

Frankly, curling up with some 4-legged crits sounds pretty cozy right now. Besides, what would I wear? Oh, wait, Beth sent me a fantastic classic velvet top a few years back, back when M was always with me for New Year's Eve and we'd go to a First Night, and/or celebrate ourselves with sparkling cider and finger foods. But, what pants or skirt? I wish this was a "jeans" party night. I should make myself go, down some sudafed and ibuprofen for my ear that still feels underwater.

Get that funk out:) Yesterday, a friend of mine from my single mother's loop "returned," having been in a funk. Yeah, I know how that can be. I woke up feeling good, physically, mentally. Daisy and I slept in. I'd gotten to chat with M Friday night, sad she was going to miss the feis (Si was going but not M somehow), but happy she'll see her cousins, and me, ready to tackle the day.
I thought of the late President Ford. Dad asked if I was watching all of it. No, that'd mean having the televi
sion on. Did he pause by the WWII memorial, Dad? I'd read he was going to do that. I hardly remember him as President as I was rather unawares of the greater political world at that time. I liked him, though, his style, the honest demeanor "safe" bit and all.

I kept hearing in my head, "Play that funky music, white boy." Not by James Brown (but Wild Cherry?). I should be singing James Brown. I'd been to his show once, early 80's, at the Capital Centre. A new transfer to our fraternity (sorority) from another college, had tickets. I was the barely closest to cool she knew, so she asked me. That was memorable.
Fun music, and everyone walking all around, a casual general admission. Black guys kept wanting to hold our hands and walk around with us. It was finally easier to give in then keep saying no, and they were alright guys. In my philosophy discussion group the next morning, I asked if it was because she and I were white? I got two immediate, and opposite, responses. lol
May they both rest in peace, funky peace or otherwise.

And Saddam Hussein? I don't typically believe in the death penalty. I couldn't kill another human being.  I save worms I see on the sidewalk, moving them onto the grass if the days sun will heat and dry them out. One Christian woman I know claims he's not truly human. Hmm.  He's done such horribly ghastly nausea-producing things, I can see how she'd think that.  (Even while another day she says that a cruel horrific abuser of his now-ex-wife should receive compassion.)   I know I've sinned, broken a commandment or two or, um, let's not count, please. I'm not proud of that, just saying. When do the sins build up to being so bad, so absolutely utterly horrific, that the person should be condemned to death? God knows. I am not God. Saddam Hussein claimed he was a matyr for God now, I think I heard?

Politically, I'm not clear if him being killed is a good thing or not, either, or if him languishing in prison/jail, would have been more cruel in some ways. I AM, however, very glad that his reign of terror is over. All I hear of him is horrific. Peace would be grand, if that's possible.

And I think of what's in store this new year, the first day. I like going hiking, seeing the sun come up, the dawning of a new year. That's really unlikely this year. Taking Daisy to one of my favorite spots for a run / sniff / hike fest is likely. I wouldn't work on New Years Day when I worked at Woodies (Woodward and Lothrop). I won't visit stores tomorrow.

I took Dad his wreaths today. Yes, late for us American's, I suppose, still in time for Epiphany:) A childhood friend lives in Spain now. She visited over Christmas, with her young daughter. The girl will spend a grand festive Epiphany with her father. It's big in Spain. I'd think presents would be the big event on Epiphany, frankly, not on the day we celebrate Christmas. It makes more sense to me.

Besides, I just finished making those wreaths today, hardly visible under the screens but they are there. The tops of them are silhouetted after dark. I stayed late there. Here we go again -- the leak's back with a vengeance, filling up the bucket and pots much more quickly. I was just there a week ago and the kitchen floor was flooded today. While Dad had me address envelopes for his last two Christmas cards (see, it's not too late yet, still holiday time!), I could hear the dripping.   New supplies and hours later, I had it all up. He likes the cheese / sausage / cracker packages I got at clearance at Target I added to his Christmas gifts. He'd changed his shirt on his own into one of the ones from Beth, mentioning another was upstairs. He's been calling me daily about various things.

We talked some of the Christmas special shown on television, and a parade. He felt it must be the Rose Bowl parade, held in the town his brother had lived in for years. I'm thinking that's on New Years DAY, but have no idea what parade is on today.

I think of going downtown, visiting the capitol rotunda and paying my respects. I don't know how to "mourn" the late President. It's a national Federal holiday, and many other employers follow suit. What do the people in other states do? I suppose I was the one to get our "flag" people at work to finally lower our flag. Two days later, and, lol, at a well-intentioned one-third mast instead of half which I won't complain about. (And, had them retire the faded, twice ripped flag they had flying, even in the night without illumination. Not only is the entire parking lot lit up again, sometimes with security guards, but the flag has it's own special light now. Guess that's something.)
I like to think I remember my Spanish, and yet I wasn't able to communicate clearly with one of the cleaning women at work, to let her know the office is closed Tuesday, will her employer let her off, perhaps.
Tink just buried her head into the clean laundry. Her white fur on M's black t-shirt. I gave Daisy one of her Christmas toys we played with for about 5 minutes worth, now content to just be. Then tried a half attempt to go outside, rechase that grey and white rabbit? Liberty/Libby was snuggled on my lap.

Earlier today, my neighbor who always holds a New Years Eve party jogged by and we said hellos. This is the year I'm pretty certain they finally separated. No invitation this year. I need to contact her.

Get out the funk. :)
I had my spirits up Friday, and visited a local large bookstore. Yeah okay, so that was an outing! Olive the Other Reindeer, hardcover, but there. M and I used to read it or other Christmas books every night leading up to Christmas. A couple years ago, condensation lines from above came through, ruining some of the books. She'll love this:) I didn't even know it was on clearance, wrapped it in free wrapping but left the donation. "I feel good......"

I'd be up for a fun-dancing, casual party tonight. If I can remotivate myself. How many more hours until midnight?
Get out the funk, all. Enjoy. Happy new year and all that soul. Yawn. Dag. Maybe another shower will do the trick. :)

Lights inside here, lights outside at the neighbors. It used to always snow on New Years Eve when I was at University of Maryland. The fog arrived late today (after Dan had to mention fog eh?!) and some drizzle. It's just too warm is all.
Sparkling cider anyone? I had my Samuel Adams Winter Ale last night.
I almost forgot. "I now pronounce you (interruption) coo-coo, coo-coo." My late grandmother and late grandfather got married on New Years Eve probably about 80 years ago. I lovedhearing her tell that story over and over:) Love ya, Gram. You're back with your eternal New Years Eve date now!   Who, as it so happened, left this earth himself on New Years Eve 1976.   Rest in peace, Grandad.   Now your wife is there with you, also.


  1. If the rabbit is white, don't chase it down any holes. Hope you had a nice New Year's. As for, should you stay or should you go, I'm real big on encouraging other people to go to parties and then not going myself. I thought about going down to the dome too, but I don't think I will. I liked Ford, but it's just too depressing.


  2. Happy New Year!



  4. Iwas beggining to think that I was the only one listening to pince still while wondering why i can't hear out of my ear taking Ibuporfen and sudafed.  I enjoyed reading your entry.  I think the whole world besides family can relate to the issue of how to mourn a former president.  i'm not sure where I stand on the death penalty but whatever....

    I still enjoyed the article and ealted to it very well.  thanks for leeting aol know that someone thinks like you.