Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wow, and please do say hi if you drop by

Ever do a search on your name?  What about on your screen name?   Okay, admittedly, I spent part of my lunchbreak doing that.   Wow, what tidbits of blogs get exerted and passed about!

Btw, Look, Mom, I Can Ceili, to this Missourite?? who is just now learning about ceili's, welcome to the world of ID (Irish Dance) and ceili/set dancing!   I tried leaving you a comment but I had to have a blogspot id, which I may obtain later.   If you ever get up to northern Virginia (not "just" James Madison), DC, or ANYWHERE in Maryland for a ceili, or festival, feel free to contact me.   Thanks for noticing me:) 

And, Samantha/ mybabyalan's journal (I can't seem to relocate that link), welcome!   Please say hi and leave me the link.  

Seems I've also been quoted in "top healthy foods."  Just a snippet there, how I try to get M to eat anything at a feis just to get her to eat, which includes healthy foods.

And a high school I'm not sure if I'm familiar with has my Christmas list/questionnaire entry on their sidebar. 

Blogpulse in November extracted my "egg nog or hot chocolate" paragraph for their "this day in blogs" segment.  Update - Horizon's Organic also has a nice eggnog withOUT corn syrup, as well as Lactaid.

News Channel 8 in Oklahoma (from Oklahoma?  I've never even BEEN there, just love the song and musical, for crying out loud) included my cold gusty weather description I'd written one day. 

A cellular pda phone blog I can't fully ascertain used my Oireachtas Update entry :)  Perhaps they would have preferred names of winners, too.  Ah, well.  I try to be more confidential   

I have a different entry noted on a site listing educational resources for teachers for that same competition, (Oireachtas Bound).  I'd rambled an outline of how M could perhaps do her applied algebra project based upon how to determine the # of world qualifiers, cuz it's tricky.   MAYBE also on the educational information on the competition??   That may have been the one where I mentioned Zand B's form letter to school teachers explaining in advance that the child will be absent due to the cultural experience of a feis / Oireachtas.  It certainly was not due to my inability to condense sentences and thoughts:)

Search on your own screen name, or journal name, including going to Technorati for a search.   Go ahead, try it!  Even report back if you feel inclined.  It is amazing how much information is out there, has to be out there for this little "blog" to be picked up.   Then again, I've done searches on info and found some of YOURS, too:)   Please do let me know if you're going to link my journal.  I'd love to stop by and visit yours, too!


  1. Its called 'ego surfing', and I do it when I get bored.  Once I found the little German brewery that makes Dornbrau beer (my namesake).  Very cool!

  2. Just saying hello so that you'll know that I've stopped in.  By the ways, I confess to a bit of ego surfing on ocassion.--Sheria

  3. Yes, I have done a blog search before.  I also look up my moms name, my dad, my sister and etc., ...my blog turns up at the strangest places from porn to crazy long winded urls's. I dont do a search on my name anymore but when I did I found out some guy named Raven Smith walks on fire. Gotta me him. I figure if I can do that maybe I can walk on water someday..LMAO....


  4. TYPO....

    Gotta me him

    should be....

    Gotta meet him