Friday, December 29, 2006

Tis the end of December

 Tis the end of December, and what have we here?
Almost warm weather to ring in the new year.
The flag's at 1/3 mast and should be at half.
The new tops for girls at least cover their ass.
"A very merry Christmas" still comes in my mail,
from "the near and the dear ones," to brighten our tales.
The t.v.'s not working till M gets back home.  
With a 4-day weekend, what will I get done?
Hiking, and housework, which options for fun?
The calendar's ready, blank days await,
With photos of Daisy, and Billy with Tink.
We'll fill time with memories, with hopes and with dreams.
School trips and dancing, a wedding and moonbeams.
Tis the end of December with a whole year ahead.
"Let's hope it's a good one without any" dread.
(With assumptions of forgiveness from John Lennon for butchering his fine song.)

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  1. that was really good  Missy