Monday, December 11, 2006

Two steps forward, one step back (Meals on Wheels)

Meals on Wheels question I was asked today:  "Was it able to get started, and does he like the food and the daily visits? I can imagine it's a whole new routine, maybe not all welcome (just because it's a change). B."

Well, the nice thing about taking our time and it taking time, is that he's ready for it, even a bit excited I think:)   They are to start TODAY.  I checked online, chicken fajitas for lunch and turkey sandwich for dinner, and other items.   They actually swung by on Thursday and gave him just the dinner I think, cuz he said it was only sandwiches, and an apple, and two milks.   Not sure if ot was relayed to them that he was short on food now, also, and they had the extra, or just what.   He wasn't scheduled until TODAY.   I wish I could view the menu in advance, cuz he's interested in knowing.   He said that it was alright food, seemed happy about it.   I didn't hear anything negative from him, nor from them, so?!  :)  
That'd been my response earlier today.   Sunday, he'd told me matteroffactly that they'd been by last Thursday, and I thought, yikes, um, okay, I wasn't ready for them quite yet, while also overly ready for them.   It was a man that day, who did not come in.   I reminded Dad that it'd be a different driver each day, so Monday's driver is likely to almost always be the Monday driver, etc., and this man, likely to return this Thursday.   I also asked him about pants again.   His had gotten dirty so he washed them (huh?  in the sink?) and they're dry now.  Okay, good.   Please do have them or shorts on for when MoW comes, okay?   "I always have shorts on."   Generation clash.   Not underwear shorts, Dad, but short-shorts.   "I will, I will."   He actually cares about these things, always had cared about his lawn and yard and his appearance.  Not overly so, but he was concerned.   Now, he still means to care, but forgets.  I know these people have seen it all, but I wish for the best.
So, today while in the drive-through lane at my bank, Dad called.   He couldn't hear me, which I know is because of the buttons on the side of his cell phone, so I called him back.  Somehow, that seems to work fine everytime, if he answers.   He asked me about something else, including when I was coming back with more food.   I'd been by yesterday, including bringing a fried chicken platter he enjoyed, leaving fresh fruit and other items, food and otherwise, at my home.   "Oh, by the way, Meals on Wheels called.   They couldn't come today.  They're going to start up tomorrow."   Huh?  They couldn't call me, too, so I could be sure he had food, he couldn't have told me earlier so I'd have planned my break differently to visit him?  Calming down, we talked about what else he had in his home to eat, which really is sufficient for a bit.   He didn't remember some of it, but he felt fine and didn't feel a need for me to return today.  
Well, it WILL start, and they did let him know, both of which are good.   The drivers are 100% volunteer.   I don't know if it was a driver shortage today or another reason.  
He tried to shave this weekend, however, but his beard too long so he tried trimming it with scissors and it, um, doesn't look so good, lol!   I offered to get him in to the barber (this week).   He said he'd wait.  I realized later, it may have been because he's out of money right now, but I'll get it paid for if he's up for that trip, when I can do it.:)   We had agreed not to get too many extra items while we were both short on money, yet I was encouraged when he asked for shaving cream last week.  
I was happily surprised that visit, anyway, Tuesday as the "O" weekend was too crazy.   I had anticipated chaos and disorder.   Wow, he'd been cooking eggs on the stove/range, and had all the trash bagged up outside of the door, and other self-incentive things.   (He tends to put the recycling in with the trash, but at least it's picked up, and yeah, wow, even bagged.)  He wanted more eggs, and (fully precooked) sausage, so I got him a new frying pan, also, and oil.   "Oh, yeah, I didn't have oil."   I don't think he's used the new pan yet, maybe tonight.   Anyway, it is there and he's reminded he has more /fresh eggs.  
Rather glad not to re-visit tonight, as I'd just like some time with M when she comes home:)  Go over with her some Christmas gifts I'd picked up (charge cards ugh I hate that), her homework, etc., just "be" together.
In what I wrote Beth, I also said:  "This weekend, I put up some garland in the front foyer and swept the carpet for the steps and the hard floor there, and mopped that, and dusted off the air vent.   Just wanting it to look presentable, yanno?   But, I'm feeling relieved and happy about this.   So far, so good:) "
Alright, one day setback on the food part, but, it's still moving forward.   Even if it's not nearly fast enough for my mother oy, which is an entire other entry and something I'm really trying not to be a major headache, so dealing diplomatically.

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  1. happy to hear things are working out. enjoy your evening.