Thursday, December 28, 2006

Other Irish Dance Journals

Did a search on ceili and Oireachtas for the past monthish.  

Amanda had a GREAT myspace entry about how to tell that she's an Irish Dancer, which had me laughing, including her ringtones and doing reels and jigs in hallways, that even her friends know how to pronounce Oireachtas and ceili, how she saved for her solo dress and went cheap for her prom dress, etc.  But, seems she's gone private now.  She's a kid.  Going private isn't a bad thing.

Aryn had this to say about her time at Southern Region Oireachtas, with her and her friends all recalling, congrats! (and quick visits into D.C.): moosemuffin03: OIREACHTAS WEEKEND!

Natalie felt great as she'd danced her best at Southern Region Oireachtas, however her scores turned out.   I love that spirit, and that she danced for the love of it.   Ends up she also World Qualified, so congrats to her.

Liz is a fanatic of the U-15 boy who won first at Southern Regional Oireachtas (beating out J who dances with my daughter, M), who is also the reigning World Champion.  She's also worried about switching ID schools.  altitudeissues: Mostly dance-related

Denise writes an article (or has hers quoted on this journal) from an adults perspective about the dedication of adult Irish stepdancers at the Midatlantic Regional Oireachtas.  Click on the happy feet icon and / or the photo gallery link for photos from Philadelphia.

Doyle welcomes those near Manassas, Virginia, to join in ceili and set dancing, providing some description.   (Trying to figure out if I've seen him at a ceili sometime!  I used to attend them occasionally in Fairfax.)

Of course, ones I've highlighted previously, ZandB's slightly irreverant blog  Zebadiah and Beauregard's Front Porch , MegMAID's  MegaMAID's Parenting Parables , and "look Ma" new ceili dancer's Look, Mom, I Can Ceili journals I have listed on my side bar to your left.  If you have others to share, please do so!

Happy dancing:)

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